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Rogue RX Jump Ropes are the choice of the best of the best!

Along with foot wear, jump ropes are a piece of personal gear that can really make a difference in your performance. The amazing thing is you can get a jump rope that will vastly out perform your current rope for just a few dollars more than you paid for the speed rope from your sporting goods store, and it will not wear out like a pair of shoes.Rogue RX Jump Ropes offers a product that is custom built to your measurements and preference of cable weight. They use a multidirectional swivel bearing system that makes them one of the fastest ropes on the planet, and have an ergonomic handle that allows for for an effortless grip. In addition, the RX product is one of the most durable ropes available. Many gyms are able to use them indefinitely
while their other ropes have to be either repaired or replaced every few months.

Again and again, people who know gear, choose RX. After rigorous testing, an elite special operations unit recently chose Rogue RX Jump Ropes to outfit their unit.

In competition, you need to know that your gear will not only perform exceptionally, you need to know it will not fail. The number 1 and number 2 male CrossFit athletes in the world showed confidence in RX Jump Ropes by choosing them for the big day.

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Y-1 Rogue Yoke

An incredible amount of functionality built into a tiny space.

This Yoke is built to tear up the streets – Use for Squatting, Pressing, Benching, Yoke Carrying, Sled Pushing, Sled Pulling, or Zecher Carrying. The New Rogue Yoke is built on our squat stand chassis so if you already have one of our S-1, 2 or3′s you can get a kit allowing you to convert it to a Y-1, 2 or 3 and have the functionality of both.

It is built from 11 gauge steel, weighs 175 pounds empty and can be loaded up to 750 pounds. The 3” crossbar can be placed at any height along the uprights.

It comes with: 2 Uprights of S-1, 2 or 3 height, 2 Bases, 4 Skid/Storage Feet, 2 J-cups, Cross Member & 2 Side storage bars.

You can not do better in terms of space saving in a garage gym, and it is also great in a large CrossFit gym to mix up the training and take the functionality to the next level!

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The Rogue Axle

The Rogue Axle was recently used for a workout at the UFC Expo where several top CrossFitters learned of the difficulty and grip training benefits of lifting with such a thick bar.

The Axle is a collaborative effort between Rogue Fitness and Rob Orlando of Hybrid Athletics. Each Axle ships with custom set of spring clamps to keep the weight in place. It weighs 25 pounds and is 7 feet in length with a 1.9” outside diameter and a Rogue Signature Black Zinc finish.

Your brain will not let you pick up something if it does not feel that you have the grip strength to hold onto it. Grip was a limiting factor for several top CrossFitters in the 2011 CrossFit Games, both at the Regionals and at the Home Depot Center. Train with the Rogue Axle and ensure that grip is never a limiting factor for you!

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Rogue Monkey Rig

You though monkey bars were just for the playground? Well, if that playground is the 2011 CrossFit Games then you are right!

As seen at the Home Depot Center, the ‘Killer Cage’ was one of the biggest surprises of the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games and proved to be incredibly taxing for the athletes. Now, the Monkey Rig is ready for your garage gym.

The 12 foot version has monkey bars and numerous spots for Infinity Rig add-ons. The 14 and 20 foot versions add the ability to use the sides as squat racks. With this rig as the center point of your gym using it as monkey bars is just the beginning. You can do everything from pull-ups to squats as well as many additional exercises like bench press, shoulder press, dips, rack pulls and band work. You can even do bar muscle ups on the ends. A rig like this can take care of nearly all of your equipment needs in one shot.

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Rogue Endura Soft SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)

Rogue Stand up Paddle Board

Soft tops and soft/slick bottoms make Rogue’s lineup of soft SUP’s perfect for an array of recreation uses. Extra wide for stability, and soft to the touch, these boards are excellent in any situation where heavy use may occur. Another great use for our soft boards is in whitewater river stand up paddling where banging against rocks is not uncommon and the extra width is required for added stability.

Made in the U.S.A. by a company that focuses exclusively on the design, development and construction of quality stand up paddle board products.

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100 Pound Straitjacket Box Vest

Many in the military or law enforcement go into battle with 60 pounds or more of gear between armor, ammunition, weapons and communications equipment. Anyone who has done this knows the value of training in weight vest so you are not stuck in a situation where you do not have the strength or stamina to climb the wall, chase down the suspect or sprint to safety in your gear.

Even people who will never have to don body armor, will make huge gains from using weight vests for body weight exercises whether using them for single rep maxes or doing entire workouts weighted.

You haven’t trained with a weight vest until you’ve finished a workout with one that weighs 100 pounds. You always want to train harder than you will be tested in competition or battle. You want game day to feel light.

The Straitjacket Box Vest not only allows you to train with up to 100 pounds when needed, it allows you to work up to that weight in easy to manage increments.

Even with the high capacity, the vest is short, which allows for a full range of motion allowing you to add weight to just about any movement including glute ham sit-ups, muscle ups, pull ups, dips, push ups, running, and box jumps.

It comes equipped with two layers of weights, a wider shoulder base with double the padding, and fail proof, military grade fasteners, and 1000 D-Cordura nylon that will assure you that the last thing you’ll worry about during your training evolution is the vest, itself.

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The Rogue Dip Belt

The best components, the best equipment, the best results.

The Rogue Dip Belt is durable, flexible, tried, and proven.

As seen and tested at the 2011 CrossFit Games, the belt is a key tool used to train gymnastics strength through a full range of motion. Whether pull-ups, dips, or the elusive belt squat, the carabiner and chain system allows for a higher load and reliable safety under tension.

The U.S.A. Made Rogue Dip Belt comes equipped with a reinforced 3″ wide nylon body with heavy stitching rated at 29,500 pounds, a 30″ steel chain, and a set of d-shaped, straight gate, locking carabiners.

The Dip Belt is sure to be one of your most beneficial training tools.

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The All New Adipure Trainer

Here is the minimalist shoe you have been waiting for!

It is as close to barefoot as you can get while still protecting your feet from glass, rocks and other hazards.

It has become increasingly clear that overly supportive traditional running shoes cause more injuries than they prevent and lead to weak intrinsic foot muscles and an unnatural gait.

The Adipure Trainer strengthens your foot to strengthen your game with speed, agility and balance. Anatomically rounded outsole and individual toe stalls mimic your foot’s natural motion. Some of the features include:

2nd Skin upper with a sock-like fit.
Restriction-free movement from
your heel to your toes allows muscles to move more naturally and
strengthens your feet and legs.

OrthoLite Sockliner provides long-lasting cushion with an
antimicrobial protection and moisture management.

Adipure Tooling: The specially engineered midsole/outsole
construction enables superb responsive feeling of ground contact. This
natural way of training feels like working out barefoot, resulting in
increase of muscle activation and higher training efficiency.

Flexible NON MARKING rubber outsole for traction and durability
including flex grooves in the toes for increased flexibility.

Available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Any closer to a natural feel and you would be barefoot!

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The Westside Bench

Do you have some Powerlifting monsters at your gym? Are the benches you got at the local sporting goods store making you nervous when your client is lifting 450 pounds. You need this rack based on an OG design from Westside Barbell.

Safety is king with The Westside Bench but performance is a very strong second.

Safety: It features 11 Gauge 2×3″ construction with and 18″ bench height with a 12″ bench width. The removable rack/pin safeties can support over 1000 pounds, there is a laser cut Rogue brace for added stability. Even your bar will be safe, It has removable low profile J-cups with UHMW plastic inserts to protect the knurl.

Performance: It has 1″ hole spacing all the way up and down the rack allowing you to rack press in the smallest increments possible. It has 4 adjustable band pegs, to ensure that you are fully equipped to follow the Westside programming.

Check it out. You will not believe how affordable we made this outstanding quality, U.S.A. made rack, with such a strong pedigree.

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Competition Ring Straps

One of the biggest complaints that people have about dealing with gymnastics rings is the ability to set them up and adjust them to different heights quickly. You often spend a lot of time making small adjustments to ensure the rings are level. After supplying rings for the 2011 CrossFit Games Regional Competition all over the world, and adjusting them for each heat, Rogue realized that they could make things much more efficient for the 2011 CrossFit Games Final.
The Rogue Fitness Competition Straps come in 8 foot and 6 foot versions and allows for set up of your gymnastics rings in seconds without worrying about keeping them level. Setting them up is as easy as throwing the straps over the bar and clipping the carabiner into one of of the divisions that is sewn into the straps every 3 inches.

Having the straps held static also eliminates the possibility that the buckle will slide down to interfere with an athlete during a workout. Both the athletes and the judges at the CrossFit games loved the new system.

Whether you are in a situation where you have to set up your rings every day, often change the height of your rings to accommodate different exercises, such as dips, muscle ups and pushups, or have a busy gym where every athlete is a different height, you will love the ability to make precise adjustments quickly anytime you need them.

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