Y-1 Rogue Yoke

An incredible amount of functionality built into a tiny space.

This Yoke is built to tear up the streets – Use for Squatting, Pressing, Benching, Yoke Carrying, Sled Pushing, Sled Pulling, or Zecher Carrying. The New Rogue Yoke is built on our squat stand chassis so if you already have one of our S-1, 2 or3′s you can get a kit allowing you to convert it to a Y-1, 2 or 3 and have the functionality of both.

It is built from 11 gauge steel, weighs 175 pounds empty and can be loaded up to 750 pounds. The 3” crossbar can be placed at any height along the uprights.

It comes with: 2 Uprights of S-1, 2 or 3 height, 2 Bases, 4 Skid/Storage Feet, 2 J-cups, Cross Member & 2 Side storage bars.

You can not do better in terms of space saving in a garage gym, and it is also great in a large CrossFit gym to mix up the training and take the functionality to the next level!

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