October 2015 Rogue Fitness Newsletter

Big Month at Rogue!!!

1We just broke ground on the new Rogue Campus that will house approximately 500 employees across our manufacturing, distribution and HQ team. The Industrial Revolution 2.0 is alive and well.

2We just launched our new 2015 Roguefitness.com redesign and it is really nice!  As an added benefit, it has a shared cart option so you can add items from Rogue Supply and Rogue Fitness for cool shipping deals etc!

3The Rogue Design Team has been cranking!


3.1 Monster Racks – We are slated to launch these in early November. Putting the finishing touches on these.

3.2 Stall Bars – We went back to the drawing board and created a modular system that works with the racks out there. There are two versions:

3.21 Metal This is going to be a more econ version of the stall bars but definitely gets the job done.
3.22 Wood – This version has maple rungs that are held into sockets with custom hardware. A Bit more expensive but they look and perform at the top of their class.

3.3 Thompson Fat Bells – These are slated to launch by November 1st.  Donnie designed these and we took them to the finish line. Good pricing and great tool.

3.4 Peg Board – We did a quick circle back and made an Echo version of the peg board so that it could be be easier on the budget. Check it out:
3.5 Desk Riser – If you want a quick fix to having a stand up desk, here it is!

3.6 Wall Organization – Want to organize the small items in your gym or garage? Here you go, all laser cut and built at Rogue.
3.6 New Training Bumpers Checkout the slick new stripe on these plates!!


The CrossFit Liftoff Powered by Rogue.

In the background we are working on some cool deals for everyone during Black Friday and Cyber Monday!!  

Back to the grind!

Proud Owner

Bill Henniger

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