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Here are some pics and videos of the Rogue Warriors at work.

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The infamous "Row Face". Much like the "War Face" but…

…much more entertaining!

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Rogue Warriors doing it Rogue style!

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Nice to see the Rogue Warriors back after the holidays…

The holidays are over and the Rogue Warriors are back home!!! Time to go to work! We all have lots of holiday cookies and other consumables to work off. As you can see from the pics the Rogue athletes showed up and attacked the workouts. There are a few of our athletes that still have to come back to us after the holiday break. We at Rogue are patiently and anxiously awaiting your arrival :)

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The Rogue athletes in action over Christmas week.

We hope everyone one had a great Christmas and enjoyed lots of holiday treats with family and friends. If you have been away from Rogue for a while remember to get back in here as soon as possible so we can get to working off all of those holiday treats.

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Christmas is almost upon us and the Rogue Warriors keep on working!

We know that the holidays are very busy times with family, shopping, opening presents and feeding our faces (a personal favorite of Eddie’s). So we understand that it is very difficult to make it in to Rogue this time of year. Those of you who have managed to squeeze a little Rogue love into your busy schedules continue to come in and attack whatever workout the white board deems worthy of your efforts.

Be sure to check the Rogue training calendar for the holiday schedule.

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Strict pull up challenge is about more than just pull ups.

The Strict pull up challenge awards consistency. Sure the person who does the most pull ups wins. However all of the pull ups have to be completed here at Rogue. So if you come to Rogue on a regular basis and knock out a few pull ups before and after the workout you can quickly build up a large tally. Knocking out 100 pull ups in one day is great. But if you only show up a couple of times a week its not going to help much. So get in here and start knocking them out.

Rules for the Strict Pullup Challenge:

1. All reps must be performed at a Rogue Location and can happen at any time
2. No kipping is allowed – All full extension to head over bar
3. 2 Divisions – No assistance and band assistance. Must indicate band type used
4. TShirts will be awarded to top male, top female for both divisions – Rogue Employees will not receive a tshirt but will be judged on how tough they are by Bill. Bill personally plans on winning so you better get to work.
5. 23Dec08 at 12PM will be the cutoff point
6. Tally all reps on Rogue whiteboard and keep a personal tally of your own


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Rogue Running Team does the Holiday Run @ Sharon Woods

The Rogue Running Team ran the Holiday Run @ Sharon Woods Sunday morning. It was much nicer out than Eddie had anticipated. Eddie figured a nice snowy day would have made for perfect Rogue Running Team conditions. Oh well. Everyone in the team finished in 33 minutes and 45 seconds or better. Our goal was to have everyone in the team across the finish line under 36 minutes. Great job!!

We ran that race for the “gimper”.

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Rogue PR day photos!

The PR Day was a huge success!!! Front Squats, Deadlifts, Overhead Press and Olifts were in the air.  We will calculate the totals and post them up here on the website and on the white board for all to see soon. Everyone did an outstanding job! Stay tuned for our next event. Its sure to be a doozy!!!!

Enjoy the pictures and if you took some pictures or video that you think might be a great addition to the website bring them in and we will post them up.

Thanks again for coming out and making today a success!

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Rogue training over the Thanksgiving weekend

The above slideshow shows our Rogue Warriors working out over the Thanksgiving weekend and the first week of December. If you look closely you will see that we had some visitors, Emily from Jogo CrossFit in Bellingham Washington and Dan Weldon who was on leave from the Marine Corps. You will also see that the Rogue ahtletes didn’t get much of a break from Rogue for the holidays. Our folks are members of Rogue because they know the value of hard work. Just because it is turkey day that doesn’t mean that the hard work will stop.

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