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The Hardest Pull Ups Yet?

A Grip World preview! We’re continuing to add training variations for the Rogue Grip System. We’ve been testing this sphere in the Rogue HQ gym. Holds, pull-ups and varied lifts have proven this to be one of the most versatile grip tools that we’ve built. At 12 inches in diameter and strong enough to be clipped overhead, this grip tool is unique Rogue Fitness.

Test: max number of dead hang pull-ups in the three minutes. The athlete notched seventeen. It “felt like 100.”  For more grip aids and strength tools, check the Grip World.

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Competition Straps for Added Intensity

When training high-speed high school and college-level wrestlers, Even-Esh wanted to implement the use of Rogue gymnastics rings daily. The athletes were seeing improved strength, stability, flexibility, and power with rings in Even-Esh’s training programs. At his Underground Strength Gym, every workout includes some form of gymnastics strength training as a base for all lifting and conditioning. He went with the competition straps for the benefit of added durability and exacted spacing so that his many athletes could adjust on to their different heights without slowing the group.

“With these spacings, it’s very much like getting a power rack that has one-inch holes. Each side is exactly the same. Just slide your carabiner clip in and everything is even.”

There is no better strap system on the market and we’ve made it available in both 8′ and 6′, working perfectly with the typical 12′ or 9′ upright heights. The carabiner and hook system allows for 3″ adjustments; this allows for exacted lengths, preventing the need for minute adjustments. The absence of the strap clip can also prevent the arm abrasions and cuts characteristic of an intense ring training session.The competition strap system comes complete with two of our new straps, two of our industry-leading Rogue wooden rings, and two D-shaped carabiners. The carabiners are bent-gate locking, each with a closed-gate load bearing strength of at least 18 kN, 4046 lb. You can’t go wrong with this new competition strap system. They’ve been tested by the fittest on earth.

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We’ll Say It Again: Train Your Grip

Here is the latest in the Rogue Grip System. We were just testing it out at Rogue HQ with a tight grip and a full turn out. It brought a new level of hard to traditional pull-ups. At full extension, the emphasis is on your forearms whereas the higher you pull – the more your hand grip is in play. We’ll keep you posted for when it’s ready to go. This one is tough!

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Rogue Grip Series is About to Grow

The next addition to the Grip World will pull you beyond your limits. This is coming soon to the store. Grip strength can be the most frustrating weakness for an athlete. Fortunately, this is where you will see the quickest gains. We’ve been testing this pinch grip killer in the Rogue HQ gym and it is tough! Practice pulls and weighted walks using kettlebells. When you master grip strength, it opens a door to personal records. Olympic lifting, powerlifting, strongman and gymnastics all benefit from a stronger grip. We have all of the tools that can help.

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The S-Series: Engineered Modularity

The Rogue S-Series Squat Stand was designed and manufactured with durability and convenience in mind. We built three types: The S-1, the S-2, and the S-3. The difference is in height and function but the great thing about the entire series of squat racks is its modularity – the ability for you to alter, remove, or add components to perfectly suit your goals.

In this video, Kris discusses functionality and Ian gives you a window into how it was thoughtfully designed – from the ground up. Made in the U.S.A.

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Rogue Fractional Plates

There are several movements where additional strength gains slow down. This is most common in the pressing movements, but once you get strong enough, even your squat and deadlift gains slow down or plateau. One way to break through these setbacks is to go up in weight in very small increments.

ROGUE Fractional Plates allow you to increase the weight by as little as ½ pound rather than the minimum 5 pound increments available with standard change.

They are made in the U.S.A. from RHA Steel and cut with a 240 watt CO2 CNC Laser to precise weights and include Rogue Spec powder coat. A set includes pairs of 0.25(White) – 0.50(Blue) – 0.75(Red) – 1.0(Black)LB Fractional Plates.

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New Kelly Starrett T-Shirts

“Every human being should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves,”
– Kelly Starrett.

Coach Kelly Starrett is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. He has his own practice at San Francisco CrossFit, one of the first 50 CrossFit affiliates, where he continues to focus on performance-based Orthopedic Sports Medicine with an emphasis on returning athletes to elite level sport and performance.

We all want to be a member of Starrett’s tribe of Supple Leopards. Balanced, un-adhesed, optimally functional, mobile bodies that can handle the physical stresses of daily life.

We train, we eat right, and if we’re up to it – we check out the video of the day on with the hope of watching, learning, and gritting our teeth through the work necessary to become a Supple Leopard.

Get your k-Star Mobility WOD and Supple Leopard shirts today. They are made in the U.S.A. and three ship free.

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Rogue Wood PlyoBoxes

Made in the U.S.A.

Years ago, the question of what products were needed for CrossFitters was asked on the CrossFit message board. One of the products that came out of that discussion was a plyobox that shipped flat to save on shipping charges. They could be put together in less than 10 minutes and featured perfectly cut angled sides and predrilled holes. All you had to do was add glue and assemble.

Here is the next generation of Rogue Wood Plyoboxes that feature pocket screw construction for a seamless look and ultimate strength.

All boxes are CNC cut to exact dimensions. Assembly is a breeze using the provided hardware. Glue is highly recommended but not included.

Get the perfect box you have been dreaming of without buying hundreds of dollars worth of power tools or paying for exorbitant shipping on a pre-assembled box.

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Rogue Tactical Sandbags

You do not really know what functional fitness is until you have done workouts with sandbags. ROGUE TACTICAL Sand Bags have 3 separate handles allowing for a vast range of carrying methods and movements, and if you really want to make things difficult, you can avoid the handles altogether. Lifting a sandbag adds a dimension to the workout that a stiff, more predictable and controllable weight like a barbell cannot provide. The softness also makes them safe to run with both inside and outside the gym.

They are fantastic for both individual and team workouts, as was shown at the 2010 CrossFit games, where they really took a beating and kept going strong. Possible movements include, but are not limited to: Shoulder carries, the team carries, farmers walks, cleans, jerks, thrusters, snatches, squats, swings.

They come in three sizes, fillable up to 45 pounds, 80 pounds, and 160 pounds. The extremes were chosen to match the weight of an empty barbell and the average weight of an adult male. However, a 45-pound sandbag is much harder to move around than a bar, and carrying the large sandbag is similar to rescuing an unconscious man who can not help you get him into position. The medium weight can be used for a wide range of movements and is an ideal weight for loaded runs.

ROGUE TACTICAL Sand Bags are made in America with American made 1000D MIL Spec CORDURA, that means they are tough as nails! This material is relied upon in the most austere of conditions every day!

Each bag and filler is handmade in Ohio and inspected to meet the Rogue Specifications by a retired Special Ops Team Sergeant. Attention to detail is first and foremost.

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New SKINS A400 Compression Calf Tights

Designed for training and competing in sport, SKINS A400 compression calf tights MX supercharge your performance naturally. Dynamic gradient compression accelerates your blood flow to deliver more oxygen to your muscles.

With 400 fit and dynamic gradient compression, you’ll notice improved power, as well as less post-exercise muscle soreness.

Biomechanically placed Memory MX fabric gives constant, controlled compression and the ultimate focused support to your calf muscle for high impact repetitive movements like box jumps, sprinting and high rep Olympic lifting. The support is also beneficial for Olympic lifting one rep maxes.

Wear SKINS A400 compression calf tights MX under your socks to improve your performance like nothing before!

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