Competition Straps for Added Intensity

When training high-speed high school and college-level wrestlers, Even-Esh wanted to implement the use of Rogue gymnastics rings daily. The athletes were seeing improved strength, stability, flexibility, and power with rings in Even-Esh’s training programs. At his Underground Strength Gym, every workout includes some form of gymnastics strength training as a base for all lifting and conditioning. He went with the competition straps for the benefit of added durability and exacted spacing so that his many athletes could adjust on to their different heights without slowing the group.

“With these spacings, it’s very much like getting a power rack that has one-inch holes. Each side is exactly the same. Just slide your carabiner clip in and everything is even.”

There is no better strap system on the market and we’ve made it available in both 8′ and 6′, working perfectly with the typical 12′ or 9′ upright heights. The carabiner and hook system allows for 3″ adjustments; this allows for exacted lengths, preventing the need for minute adjustments. The absence of the strap clip can also prevent the arm abrasions and cuts characteristic of an intense ring training session.The competition strap system comes complete with two of our new straps, two of our industry-leading Rogue wooden rings, and two D-shaped carabiners. The carabiners are bent-gate locking, each with a closed-gate load bearing strength of at least 18 kN, 4046 lb. You can’t go wrong with this new competition strap system. They’ve been tested by the fittest on earth.

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