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W-4 Garage Gym

Park your car on the street!

People often ask: “What is the way to get the maximum bang for your buck in a garage gym?” The answer is clear, the W-4 Wall System will do everything you need and more!

It is available with either a 4 foot or a 6 foot depth and can support multiple people doing pull-ups at once. It also provides the perfect area to Squat, bench and press. You can even add spotter arms for added safety when performing movements alone.

It features: The Westside hole pattern (1” spacing through the bench and clean pull zone and 2” spacing everywhere else), 5/8” fastening hardware and compatibility with a whole range of Infinity Rack add ons like the Matador.

Build a world class strength and conditioning facility in your garage with minimum expenditure while maximizing your utilization of space!

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Rogue R-3 Infinity Rig Add On

Add a Westside R-3 power rack to your existing Infinty Rig or Wallmount. This kit includes everything you need to have the added safety and utility of a power rack. You can also do band pulls and the future method with the included band pegs.

This perfect solution for your training facility was inspired by Westside Barbell, the home of some of the world’s strongest and most powerful and includes all of the functionality of the standard R-3: “2” X 3” 11 Gauge Steel, 5/8” Bolts and Fasteners, West Side Hole Pattern – 1” through bench and clean pull zone then 2” spacing above and below, Unique 1.25” and 2” Pullup bar at 7’ 6” Height, as well as J-Cups, and Pin/Pipe Safeties.

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Rogue Landmines

One of the most versatile additions to your Rogue arsenal, the Landmine will help you build core rotational stability and peak power through a greater range of motion.

Available in versions that attach to your Infinity Rack, as well as your bumper plates or sled.

By inserting your Rogue olympic bar into the pivoting sleeve, the Landmine is ideal for rotational training. Using the Landmine makes the movement smoother than trying to jam the bar into a corner and it allows for greater range of moment with greater stability of the bar. It also protects both your bar and walls from damage.

The rack version ads the option of a second Landmine, allowing you to benefit greatly from a host of essential dual movements for the power athlete.

The Rogue Landmine adds a unique capability to train explosive full body strength and one of best means of training core-to-extremity power transfer.

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Rogue R-4 Strap Safety System

The R-4 Safety Strap System is the most effective and professional way to train without a human spotter.

It allows for you to train variations of the bench and squat for maximum effort or reps without sacrificing safety or function. The straps are designed to protect vital areas of the body when athletes experience failure. The R-4 strap system protects your bar from the
jarring caused by traditional steel bar stops and will not damage the knurling. But more importantly it protects you, allowing you to train harder on your own – without sacrificing a pound or a rep for safety.

The R-4 strap system is also great for ME (Maximum Exertion) and DE (Dynamic Exertion) work inside the rack: rack presses, rack pulls, concentric squats, goodmornings and all their variations.

The straps are adjustable to any height on your R-4 rack using 5/8 inch pins and 3/8 inch laser cut and precision bent steel brackets. The straps themselves are made from 2 inch wide nylon rated at over 10,000 pounds!

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Liquid Grip

The goal is always to improve and perform better. The advent of invisible, liquid chalk helps you to train at your best without reapplication or worry.

You chalk your hands, perform a few movements, and then you chalk again. Towards the end of your training session, chalking becomes pointless. It begins to hinder your progress instead of helping you achieve it. This is a common complaint in training circles. That is where Liquid Grip is far superior. One small application will last an entire Olympic lifting session or CrossFit workout.

If you work out in a globo gym where they don’t allow chalk, you don’t have to sacrifice your grip. There is need to worry about tarnishing your gym’s floors or your training gear. All of this while benefiting from the best grip assistance on the market.

Made in the USA from all natural products and 100% biodegradable.

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Rogue SPEAL – Pullup Bar

If you are looking to add height to your Infinity Rig so that you have a higher attachment point for rings or if you want to be able to do bar muscle ups on your rig, this is the bar for you. The SPEAL – Pullup Bar is a single bar that is reinforced to span a 6 foot length on your Infinity Rig and is plain steel (no powder coat) for people who prefer that finish.

“Personally I’m a big fan of the raw steel for pull up rigs. I like the feel of the bar and tend to think it holds chalk a bit better than some of the other finishes out there. The less chalk I need on my hands the less likely I am to tear in a workout. It’s also great to have the option to knock out some bar muscle ups to vary the movements and demands in your workouts. Depending on your personal preferences the finish and versatility are some of the best qualities the bar offers relative to anything else out there.” – Chris Spealler

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New Rogue Beanies

It is that time of year again when leaving the house to go to the gym or work in cold weather can get miserable. At those times, having a good hat is extremely important. If it has a great vintage look like the one Rocky wore when running up the steps of the Philadelphia
Museum of Art, that is even better.

The New Rogue Beanies are made in the U.S.A. and look great. They come in gray or black and make great holiday gifts for your friends and family.

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The SISU War Hammer

Anyone who has gone in search of a heavy hammer for use in a strength and conditioning program has found out that anything heavier than 8-10 pounds is really hard to come by. Local hardware stores just do not carry heavy hammers, and you never know if or when a wooden handle from
a sledge hammer will fail under the greater loads of high intensity workouts. Enter the Rogue SISU War Hammer.

The Rogue War Hammer is an indestructible training weapon designed with a seven gauge loadable steel head.

The Rogue War Hammer is made in the U.S.A. The Hammer’s weight reaches 28 lbs. when fully loaded with lead shot. It can survive training, no matter the conditions. And the pipe length offers more leverage than a traditional sledgehammer so that you can exert maximal force, no matter the target. The rallying cry, “SISU” (the Finnish word for stubborn determination) is laser-etched on the hammer head to remind you to continue on. Make every strike count.

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GH-1 Rogue Abram GHD

Rogue Abram GHDOver a year in the making, the Rogue Abram GHD is the most stable Glute Ham Developer on the market. You could say that it is as stable as GHD’s costing twice as much or even three times as much, because it just does not move. It ships fully disassembled to save on shipping costs but due to the design, feels like it is a single welded piece.

The most important part of any GHD is the hip pad. If this is uncomfortable, using the machine becomes a chore. The oversized split hip pad is the perfect firmness to allow support without discomfort and the shape is perfect for glute ham raises.  As if this were not enough, the pads even have moisture wicking upholstery.

Every detail of the design was scrutinized, including the distance from the foot pads to the foot plate, which is slightly shorter than most, to provide a secure foot hold for GHD situps and ensure your foot stays on the footplate for back extensions and glute ham raises. The oversized 3/16th inch laser cut foot plate ensures that you will never end up with your toes hanging over the edge, and the upholstered pads will hold up through years of abuse.

The height of the foot plates and foot pad were set to allow maximum muscle recruitment. The distance of the footplate to the hip pad is adjustable in 1 inch increments and the length of the cross member will accommodate even the tallest athletes. The wide hip pads and and widely placed handles will accommodate even the largest athletes.

The 2×3 inch steel construction and large front base contribute to the stability of the machine. Having a 2×3 inch crossmember also adds to the stability of the upright. Like everything else on this over-engineered machine, we did not stop there, there are not one, but 2 stabilizing bolts at right angles to each other. They do not minimize motion of foot plate, they eliminate it.

Band pin holes are provided in the base to allow the use Rogue Monster Bands. This indispensable training aid is perfect for athletes ready to move on to the next level.

One of the biggest problems with a GHD made to be stable is that it is a hassle to move around usually requiring at least 2, if not 3 or 4 people to move the machine for a specific workout setup.  However, the provided wheels on the rear base of the Abrams GHD make it easy for a single person to move around the gym.

Like all of Rogue’s made in the U.S.A equipment, this GHD is built to last and will hold up to abuse in a commercial gym. There is not a more durable, functional or stable GHD at any price. The fact that this GHD is made in Ohio and is one of the most reasonably priced on the market makes it the best value available.

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Master of Your Own Destiny

Is it possible that there is a simple solution to the issues we face in the United States? My brother and I used to play a video game on the computer where the goal was to build factories so you could make war ships.  As you were building factories the people began building villages.  The people would go out and buy goods and pretty soon the villages would turn into cities.  Yes the war ships would go out and get some extra gold but the real lesson to be learned is what built the cities.  When people work and make goods they spend money in their communities and grow the village.  Seems simple enough.

Option 1 Growth Model:
1) Factory hires welder
2) Welder makes equipment
3) Retailer buys the equipment from the factory
4) Factory gets paid, welder gets paid and retailer gets paid when goods are sold
5) All of the people in that chain spend money on goods to support their family and lifestyle
6) Retailer places another order and the cycle continues
Option 2 The Death Cycle:
1) There is no factory
2) There is no welder
3) Retailer buys equipment from outsourced location
4) Employees of retailer are paid
5) Only those that work at the retailer spend money on goods to support their family and lifestyle

Just imagine if every single steel weight plate that is in the United States was made in the United States.  That alone would fire up US foundries which would generate countless jobs.  Problem is that no one has stepped up and figured out how to compete with overseas pricing.  Come on really?

Does this mean that you should pay an astronomical amount for US made goods, no it does not!  My village is Logan Ohio and it is broken, all the factories are gone and people drive an hour both ways to work in the service business.  The village thrives only when their is work and I am certain the many of you can drive through your home town and see buildings vacant.  What does it take to turn the lights back on?  All it takes is your simple demand for high quality American made goods coupled with manufacturers building lean operations.  This is the gasoline that starts the V8, pretty soon you will have a high powered village that can support their families.  It cannot be a temporary contract it needs to be a daisy chain event.

It is time to break the cycle and figure out how to make things in the United States, if you can’t figure it out then you are not being creative enough.  Rest assured that we work every single day to make everything in our store in the US.  You have my commitment that we will do our part to start the chain, do we have yours?

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