Master of Your Own Destiny

Is it possible that there is a simple solution to the issues we face in the United States? My brother and I used to play a video game on the computer where the goal was to build factories so you could make war ships.  As you were building factories the people began building villages.  The people would go out and buy goods and pretty soon the villages would turn into cities.  Yes the war ships would go out and get some extra gold but the real lesson to be learned is what built the cities.  When people work and make goods they spend money in their communities and grow the village.  Seems simple enough.

Option 1 Growth Model:
1) Factory hires welder
2) Welder makes equipment
3) Retailer buys the equipment from the factory
4) Factory gets paid, welder gets paid and retailer gets paid when goods are sold
5) All of the people in that chain spend money on goods to support their family and lifestyle
6) Retailer places another order and the cycle continues
Option 2 The Death Cycle:
1) There is no factory
2) There is no welder
3) Retailer buys equipment from outsourced location
4) Employees of retailer are paid
5) Only those that work at the retailer spend money on goods to support their family and lifestyle

Just imagine if every single steel weight plate that is in the United States was made in the United States.  That alone would fire up US foundries which would generate countless jobs.  Problem is that no one has stepped up and figured out how to compete with overseas pricing.  Come on really?

Does this mean that you should pay an astronomical amount for US made goods, no it does not!  My village is Logan Ohio and it is broken, all the factories are gone and people drive an hour both ways to work in the service business.  The village thrives only when their is work and I am certain the many of you can drive through your home town and see buildings vacant.  What does it take to turn the lights back on?  All it takes is your simple demand for high quality American made goods coupled with manufacturers building lean operations.  This is the gasoline that starts the V8, pretty soon you will have a high powered village that can support their families.  It cannot be a temporary contract it needs to be a daisy chain event.

It is time to break the cycle and figure out how to make things in the United States, if you can’t figure it out then you are not being creative enough.  Rest assured that we work every single day to make everything in our store in the US.  You have my commitment that we will do our part to start the chain, do we have yours?

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