The SISU War Hammer

Anyone who has gone in search of a heavy hammer for use in a strength and conditioning program has found out that anything heavier than 8-10 pounds is really hard to come by. Local hardware stores just do not carry heavy hammers, and you never know if or when a wooden handle from
a sledge hammer will fail under the greater loads of high intensity workouts. Enter the Rogue SISU War Hammer.

The Rogue War Hammer is an indestructible training weapon designed with a seven gauge loadable steel head.

The Rogue War Hammer is made in the U.S.A. The Hammer’s weight reaches 28 lbs. when fully loaded with lead shot. It can survive training, no matter the conditions. And the pipe length offers more leverage than a traditional sledgehammer so that you can exert maximal force, no matter the target. The rallying cry, “SISU” (the Finnish word for stubborn determination) is laser-etched on the hammer head to remind you to continue on. Make every strike count.

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