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Inov8 Minimalist Running Shoes

The Inov8 brand has quickly become a favorite among the minimalist running shoe community. They also work great for CrossFit workouts that combine running and lifting movements.

The running community is finally coming to grips with the fact that the traditional, bulky, overly supportive, running shoes made by the major manufacturers are actually causing injuries rather than preventing them. The problems stem from the traditional shoes leading to altered form and weakening of the intrinsic muscles of the foot.

Inov8 does not make traditional running shoes, they have always focused on making shoes that do not alter people’s natural gait, but instead protect the feet from rocks and other hazards while allowing people to run with the natural gait that we all evolved to use. They also have a wide toe box which allows your foot to spread naturally to absorb much of the shock of each stride. Over time this will strengthen the muscles in the feet, lead to fewer injuries and a more powerful stride.

The Inov8 F-Lite 195 and F-Lite 230 are named for their weight. The 195’s weigh 195 grams and the 230’s weigh 230 grams. They were designed as mountain racing shoes, but have probably become the most popular shoe for CrossFit. The minimal heel-to-toe differential 6mm (1/4″)on the 230 and the 3 mm (1/8″) on the 195 and the lack of the extraneous “squishy” padding make the shoes excellent for movements that require stable footing, like squat cleans and thrusters, the light weight does not hinder exercises like pull-ups and muscle ups and flexibility of the shoes are fantastic for exercises like burpees and box jumps. Of course, the shoes also excel when being used for running whether it is part of a CrossFit workout or a dedicated run.

If you are of the opinion, like many, that the only thing a shoe needs is a piece of rubber on the sole to protect you from glass, you will love the Inov8 Bare-X 200. There is no heel-to-toe differential and no midsole. This is the closest you will get to running barefoot without exposing your feet to the elements.

Inov8’s were such an instant success when they were introduced that distributors have always had a hard time keeping them in stock. Try a pair. You will not go back.

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Rogue Castro Rig

The perfect backyard gym solution!

This rig can do it all in your own backyard: squats, rope climbs, ring work, pull-ups, wallball. The durable Powder coat finish is weather resistant and can be stored outdoors year round.

It is 6 feet by 4 feet and has the ability to use both ends as squat racks. The Westside hole pattern and included J-cups allow for squats, presses, bench presses and more. The 12-foot uprights are perfect for hanging climbing ropes and rings. The included Dirty South bar will give you 2 pull-up heights which are perfect for husbands and wives. The Dirty South bars also work for bar muscle ups. The included fat/skinny bars give you the option of using a thicker bar for pull-ups.

Add a Matador dip attachment or Wall ball Target for more versatility.

Since the rig will work with a whole range of Infinity Rig add-ons the possibilities are endless!

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Captains of Crush Grippers

Captains of Crush Grippers are the gold standard for building and testing grip strength.

Very often grip strength is the limiting factor for performance, whether it is a 1 rep max deadlift, Fran, or rope climbs. The U.S.A. Made Captains of Crush Grippers are the best way to improve that grip strength and truly realize your potential.

There are 11 strengths so you can get on a linear progression like the rest of your strength training. Rather than banging out hundreds of repetitions and ending up with an overuse injury and no real improvement in grip strength, you can train in small doses with adequate rest, just like your powerlifting training, and get results.

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SB-1 – Rogue Safety Squat Bar

The safer option for intense squat progressions and maximum load lifts.

The unique weight distribution of the SB-1 – Rogue Safety Squat Bar falls between the high bar back squat and the front squat to tax your anterior chain more than a traditional back squat. It will also increase your maximum working weight when compared to a traditional back squat. This combination makes it the perfect option for people looking to increase their maximum squat strength for Olympic lifting.

It weighs 70 pounds unloaded and is a fully welded design with machined Olympic sleeves. It also has closed cell foam pads to allow for maximum load bearing without digging into your spine.

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Rogue Jerry Can

The Rogue Fitness Jerry Can was born out of the need to find a farmer’s walk implement for the 2011 CrossFit Games that would not damage the field. Originally the plan was to use a gas can. However, off the shelf gas cans are not strong enough to hold the kind of weight needed for the competition, so we built our own. They are patterned after World War II gas cans and can be filled with water, sand or lead shot to reach the desired weight.

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Rogue Battle Chain

Use this chain to reach a whole new level of conditioning!

The U.S.A. Made Rogue Battle Chain adds another element to your pursuit of General Physical
Preparedness. Battling rope workouts began as a mainstay in MMA and then were adopted by CrossFit athletes. They are now used by the majority of athletes who train for power and explosiveness. The battling rope has a unique ability to build core strength and improve core-to-extremity strength that helps you to hit your next workout or opponent…hard. Power rope training is brutal in its demands on an athlete’s conditioning and is an excellent developer of grip strength.

The battle chain takes all that to the next level. Because of the greater weight and the fact that the chain is nearly indestructible, the training uses are endless. This 120-pound chain can be used in the traditional battle rope stance, as a sled or for heavy ground pulls to take muscular endurance to a new level. Since the chain has no give and is heavier per unit distance, more work can be done.

The strongest athletes have been using this heavy rope alternative for years; it’s time you catch up!

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LB-1 Rogue 10" Log Bar

Get Stronger.

One of toughest strongman tools available, the Rogue Log is specialized for training the holy grail – max strength. The neutral grip allows for lower stress on the shoulders for all the pressing movements. If strongman training is even somewhat important to you, this needs to be in your arsenal.

It is a fully welded design made from a 10” laser cut 1/8” thick steel tube. It weighs 65 pounds unloaded and has plenty of room to load bumpers. It can be used for many movements, including: clean and jerk, bench, rows, press, push press and many more.

It is made in the U.S.A. and even has a laser cut Rogue Logo!

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The Rogue Ring Hanger

Stop worrying about where to hang your rings!

Looping ring straps over exposed wood beams can lead to strap failure over time due to abrasion by the wood. Finding eye bolts large enough to fit the ring straps is impossible, so quite often you end up buying both eye bolts and large carabineers in order to hang your rings. Since the rafters in your garage may not be the perfect distance apart to hang your rings, you may end up hanging both of them off of 1 beam. This puts the entire load on a single 2×4.

The weight bearing Rogue Ring Hanger is the professional solution for hanging your gymnastics rings. It allows you to distribute the load across two rafters while still having control of the ring hanging width. Because it couples the rafters as well, this further adds to the strength of the system. It is adjustable from 18’ to 26” in 2” increments. The ring supports are parallel which makes the rings hang parallel to each other so you never have to waste time figuring out which side of the rings to grab. Both sides of the ring hanger are covered with a rubber gasket, so there is no chance of damaging the straps with big swings.

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The Rogue S-25 Sled

This S-25 American-made sled is perfect for speed and agility workouts whether on concrete, track, or grass. The construction will safely support a 1/4 ton of weight for pulling weight and gaining speed. It is fully welded with a 13 inch tall post for holding steel or bumper weight. The 16 foot long straps with loops at both ends, not only work well over your shoulders or a belt, they are strong enough to support many times the weight that a human can pull.

It is amazing how metabolically demanding it is to run dragging a sled, and the strength it takes to get it up to speed. Get yours today and start making huge improvements in your work capacity!

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The Grid 2.0-Black

The benefits of using a foam roller both before and after exercising has been well established.  It improves flexibility and decreases muscle soreness.  Choosing the correct foam roller will allow you to maximize those benefits with the minimum treatment time. The Grid 2.0: Revolutionary Foam Roller has design features that sets it apart from the rest:

It features Distrodensity™ Zones.  The large flat areas are designed to simulate the palms of a masseuse and the smaller areas are designed to simulate fingers. It is built on a solid tube with overlying foam padding. This eliminates the inevitable compression that happens to standard solid foam rollers. This roller will have a substantially longer useful life. The increased size of the 2.0 roller increases the targeted area and allows you to work both legs at once. It will provide coverage for the: Calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, back, pecs, thoracic spine and more.

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