The Grid 2.0-Black

The benefits of using a foam roller both before and after exercising has been well established.  It improves flexibility and decreases muscle soreness.  Choosing the correct foam roller will allow you to maximize those benefits with the minimum treatment time. The Grid 2.0: Revolutionary Foam Roller has design features that sets it apart from the rest:

It features Distrodensity™ Zones.  The large flat areas are designed to simulate the palms of a masseuse and the smaller areas are designed to simulate fingers. It is built on a solid tube with overlying foam padding. This eliminates the inevitable compression that happens to standard solid foam rollers. This roller will have a substantially longer useful life. The increased size of the 2.0 roller increases the targeted area and allows you to work both legs at once. It will provide coverage for the: Calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, back, pecs, thoracic spine and more.

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