Squat Stands, Racks and Rigs 3

If you want the ultimate solution for your gym that provides for all of your squat rack, and pullup needs, consider an Infinity rig or Wall Mount Unit.

You can go as small as a 4 foot, wall mount unit that will allow 3 to 5 people to do pull-ups at the same time for the price of an iPad, or you can build a rig that is only limited by the size of your space.

There are three main versions to choose from:

1. Infinity Rigs are infinitely configurable with the ability to put pull up bars at different heights, with 2  upright height choices, and a group of attachments that keeps growing. A common configuration would place the infinity rig in the center of the gym with alternating 4 foot and 6-foot upright spacing for alternating squat racks and pull up space.   You can have areas with higher, 12 foot,  uprights that, allow more flexibility for ring heights and climbing ropes. Wall ball targets and other attachments like Safety Spotter Arms, flying pullup bars can be added so that everything you need for a workout is provided, leaving the rest of your floors, on either side clear for lifting, box jumps, double unders and other movements.

2. Wall Mount Units use your existing wall for half of the uprights saving you money and floor space. You can build a gym that is the opposite of the gym with the Infinity Rig, with racks and pullup bars lining the walls and the center of the gym clear.

3.  Monkey Rigs ad monkey bars in addition to pullup and rack space, and can be used with Infinity Rig components as well as Infinity Rig add-ons.

All of the Rigs use the Westside hole pattern, 1-inch spacing in the bench/clean pull area and 2-inch spacing everywhere else.

All of the stands, racks and rigs use our new J-cups. I will give more details about them tomorrow.

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