Squat Stands, Racks and Rigs Continued

If you do not need portability and are looking for an even more stable option for squats, bench, press and pullups you can move up to a Power Rack.

Since they are installed in the floor they are completely immovable. There is more room to put pull-up bars, so can add different types. There are also more options for spotting lifts. The racks come with pin/pipe safeties and you can add strap safeties or spotter arms. There is no substitute for the safety of lifting within the rack.

Our racks also add band pins so that resistance bands can be incorporated into your squats, deadlifts and cleans.

The R-3 has a footprint of 48×30 inches and is the Rogue version of the legendary Westside Rack.

The R-4 is 48×48 inches and therefore adds more room to work within the rack for bench and squats.

The R-6 adds enough storage for all of your bumpers to the rack for an all in one solution.

All have the Westside hole pattern, 1 inch spacing in the bench/clean/pull area and 2 inches everywhere else.

You can find several attachments for your racks including, but not limited to, different pull-up bars, wall ball targets, dip bars, landmines and plate storage.

Tomorrow: Rigs.

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