Squat Stands, Racks and Rigs 4

One of the most important parts of any apparatus used for supporting weight is the J-cup. All of our stands, racks and rigs with the exception of the ES-1 and the upcoming Monster Racks, use the same J-cups. The ES-1 uses a J-cup that is a similar design that fits on its 2×2″ uprights, and the Monster racks have a larger more substantial version.

With any J-cup, there are three points that are crucial to safety and longevity.

1. It must be able to support the weight. Our J-cups will support over 1000 pounds, due to 5/8″ pins and heavy gauge steel construction. The pin goes all the way through the upright and then the whole J-cup swings into place with contact points on the front, sides and back.

2. It must be easy to get the weight into the J-cup. Our J-cups have a back that is 6″ high allowing you to properly rack the weight, by walking the weight into the upright, leaning into the upright and sliding the weight down into the support. We experimented with the depth of the J-cups over time and came up with a 4″ depth that allows the ability to get the weight in safely while not sticking out so far that they will get in your way during a lift.

3.  It must be durable. With many other companies’ designs, the mechanism of changing the height of the J-cups can be the first place to fail. This happens when they use things like threaded pins or springs that will wear over time. Our J-cups have no moving parts to wear out. They will outlast your lifting career.

In addition to the points above: Our J-cups are laser cut with round corners so there are no sharp points to catch your fingers and are lined with UHMW plastic to protect the knurling and finish of your bar. They are also powder coated for a long lasting durable finish.  Finally, in order for the J-cups to be completely stable without set screws that can wear out, they are precision bent to our exacting specifications so that they fit perfectly on the uprights.

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