What makes Rogue different?

From New MIL Pouches and Straps

The new Ranger Green MIL Ring pouch above! This system was designed and built by a retired Army SF Team Seargent. Our straps are now made by folks in Souteastern Ohio, which brings work to my home town. We work everyday to bring jobs to the US while many others work to outsource it.

Our equipment will last and we stand behind our Rogue products, if there are any issues with manufacturing I can call someone to have it fixed asap. We work hand in hand to hone the quality of every piece of equipment with a relentless pursuit of perfection. Our engineering team goes through each piece of equipment with a no holds barred approach.

Look for many new Rogue products coming your way. If you have ideas or know people that can make products state side that have traditionally been made abroad, we welcome your ideas!!

Our warehouse has allowed us to cut costs and in many cases offer Free Shipping on all kinds of great equipment. Don’t miss out on these Free Shipping Deals:

1) All Equipment Packages

2) Dynamax Med Ball - Often copied but never duplicated – These med balls will not turn into hackeysacks

3) Multi Unit Sorinex M2 GHD Sets – The same GHD used in the CrossFit Games

Just a few of the items shipping for free, look for multiple item deals on some of our best equipment!

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