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Everyday we try to get better by getting more efficient, cost effective and bringing new gear to market!

We design, build and warehouse equipment – that is what we do. We take our job very seriously that is why it is so important for the majority of our equipment to be made in the USA.

Pictured above are our Rogue Bumpers:

1) Made with recycled tires in the US

2) The most durable and dependable training bumper on the market – we challenge anyone to a duel of wear and tear

3) The 10 & 15LB plates are un-matched – They don’t pancake and the inserts don’t fall out. They will hold form for proper starting position in Olympic lifting

4) HD Stainless Steel inserts – There are many new bumpers coming out with steel inserts but they don’t hold up like the Rogue’s. Again put a 10LB Rogue plate on a bar and drop it from a 3 story building(please make sure noone is below) – rinse and repeat until they begin to show wear. Now do this with any other plate and give us the results and/or post a video. The Rogue’s hold up to repeated drops and strikes better than any other plate on the market.

The reputation of this bumper and our company’s reputation backing the product makes it second to none. This does not even mention that a guys named Chuck & Randy in Alabama make them!

From Rogue Factory Store

The industry standard medicine ball – Dynamax Medicine Balls

We stock the Dynamax med balls and ship them for free! You can even customize your color, they ship for free as well!

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