Rogue Burner Bar in Iraq

From MIL

SGT Michael Snyder knocking out some deadlifts on the new ROGUE Burner Bar! This bar is designed for work with the budget in mind. Feel free to rock a 600LB deadlift or 300LB Snatch with this bar, it is up to the task!

From MIL

Other items seen in these pictures:

1) Rogue Burner Bars – US made high tensile strength steel, old school version of the bar without coating

2) RPG System – US made pullup and ring system

3) 50′ Conditioning Rope – US made conditioning ropes

4) Rogue Bumpers – US made bumper, the standard for training bumper. Have you noticed everyone switching to steel inserts, the Rogue bumpers are the driving force. Only problem is that the Rogue bumpers still set the bar for indestructible inserts, bumper life, recycled materials and origin of manufacturing.

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