Rogue Bumpers & Concept 2 Rowers

From ROGUE Bumpers

The hydraulic presses above are running the Rogue Bumper Plates at the factory in Alabama.

1) Each 45LB plate takes 1.5 Hours to press the recycled rubber into the final shape

2) Each plate then gets a HD Stainless steel insert that is recessed to protect it from any damage

The Rogue Bumper Plates are the most durable plates on the market. They can be found in submarines, universities, CrossFit gym’s, military academies, garages and a whole lot more! These bumpers are built by Americans and are made to last.

From Qualifier

Concept 2 Rowers are made in the USA and we are one of very few authorized dealers. Email for the pricing on a new Concept 2 Rower!

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