USMC finds a new use for ROGUE Rings


If you are on a Marine Corps base then chances are you will see Rogue equipment. The picture above has the Marines trying something new with the rings. I have to admit I have never tried this one before!

The following items have been battle tested by the Marines:

1) ROGUE Bar – This is the best multi-purpose weightlifting bar on the earth. The knurling is more like a classic olympic bar but has a great feel. It is Black Zinc coated to give it a chalky feel in your hands. Great spin and just all around great bar

2) Rogue SPX System – This squat/press system is quickly becoming one of the most reliable racks on the market. Built in Ohio and designed for abuse by the military both indoors and outdoors.

3) Rogue Rings – Seen above, we now have MARPAT, Desert Tan and Black strap options. We have never replaced a broken ring and they are guaranteed for life against breaking!!

4) Dynamax Balls – Built around a core so that they don’t end up like a hackeysack and made in America. Many are trying to copy but if you wanted a Chevy, I doubt you would want a Chery. Copying well built American equipment has become a plague at this point, good thing it has not been duplicated!

5) Rogue Bumpers – Our Rogue Bumpers have HD steel inserts that don’t pop out or pancake. Get the best training bumpers out there.

The items above are all made in the US and are all top of the line.

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