Funday Sunday – Trainers working on new exercises

Disclaimer, we will never ask you to perform this exercise but it was fun messing around with it!
Ryan performing the Rogue kettlebell “Tater”, you are probably wondering what a “Tater” is. We spent countless hours honing our skills and now you will have to come in and find out. No it is not what you get when you supersize your cheeseburger order.
Ryan Garn visited to learn some power ropes. Here is the after picture!
Nice work, better get back into your workouts! Thanks for coming down to see our new place.

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3 Responses to Funday Sunday – Trainers working on new exercises

  1. Ryan says:

    That was a bear! The place looks great, I am thoroughly impressed by the work you guys have done to put it together.

    After visiting, I do have one question….why would anyone want to join a Bally’s if Rogue Fitness is around?

  2. Eric says:

    We spent ALL DAY scheming and plotting and coming up with new ways to torture clients!

    On another note, here is a video of REAL HARDCORE kettlebell action!

  3. Bill Henniger says:


    Just takes people like you to spread the word. There is a reason Bally’s went bankrupt, they didn’t care if their clients showed up. Many of the globo gyms only want 5-10% of their clientele to show up and we want 100%.