Rogue Gets AC – We will call it Mary's fan!

It was a bit muggy this morning in the facility and after some grimaces from Mary, I caved and bought a wind tunnel fan.
Just don’t stand in front of it, you might get blown over. Enjoy

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4 Responses to Rogue Gets AC – We will call it Mary's fan!

  1. Brian Steiner says:

    Work today has sucked as the air handling system in down meaning it is 80 degrees in my office….
    and then I was just bitching to the students that crossfit has no fans so it will be hot there tonight too,.,guess I have no excuses now… see you tonight!

  2. Bill Henniger says:

    Yes we do and in true rogue style it is the biggest fan we could find!

  3. Eric Jones says:

    I can vouch that this thing is serious!

  4. Brian Steiner says:

    I am having 2nd thoughts on that fan :-P … yes… it is crazy huge… but it is also an excuse to work us harder.. those damn boxes in a row tonight were just bad! I am off to bed….