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Jumping Squats…

From 11182008

…are done by explosively extending the hips while directing the force through the heels. If done properly you will go airborne, kind of like Ralph S. above.

No Classes this Weekend!

Rogue Fitness will be hosting the CrossFit level 1 certification seminar this weekend. So there will be no classes this Saturday or Sunday. The Rogue Running Team will be in action though. The RRT will meet at Sharon Woods at the Maple Grove Picnic Area at 11 am Sunday.

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CrossFit Level 1 Certification Seminar is this weekend!

No Classes this Weekend!

Rogue Fitness will be hosting the CrossFit level 1 certification seminar this weekend. So there will be no classes this Saturday or Sunday. The Rogue Running Team will be in action though. The RRT will meet at Sharon Woods at the Maple Grove Picnic Area at 11 am Sunday.

The Rogue warriors that braved the cold to workout today didn’t stay cold for long. Thrusters make an excellent body warmer for days like today.

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The energy level in the classes was infectious for sure.

After watching the Rogue athletes attack the workout all day today Eddie got the bug and joined the 6:30 pm class. Nothing like suffering through a grinder with some cool people to fill you with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Good job today everyone.

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Rogue Total yesterday and 500s today.

Yesterday the Rogue athletes lifted to find their Rogue Total. The Rogue Total is much like the CrossFit Total except we use the front squat versus the back squat. This serves as an excellent benchmark for our athletes to measure their progress against. Then today to “take it easy” we did a workout that consisted of three 500m sprints with a partner. Good times were had by all.

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"51 Get ir Duns"

Dennis C. had his 51st birthday Rogue Style yesterday. Dennis requested, I mean demanded, that everyone wear a party hat, and blow their party horn between each exercise. Everyone did so with unexpected zeal. Especially Sam C. Happy birthday Dennis C. I hope you had a good time.

Rogue Running Team is back in action!!

Dust off your sneakers and dig out your mittens!
You Rogue Warriors asked for it and now you got it! The Rogue Running Team will take to the trail, the parking lot and wherever else we can get some miles in as we prepare for the Holiday Run @ Sharon Woods December 14th, 2008.

The Rogue Running Team will meet every Sunday at 11AM, starting November 16th, to train for the run. You Rogue Athletes know that we don’t have treadmills. So dig out your mittens, sweat pants, and your beanies because we will be hitting the trial regardless of the weather. Rain or shine, freezing or not, Rogue athletes are not fair weather athletes. We want to “train as you fight” and if I recall correctly Sharon Woods isn’t heated or indoors.

How do I join the Rogue Running Team?
- Tell one of the Rogue coaches that you want to put your fitness to the test.
- Sign the sign-in sheet in the lobby, be sure to put your current e-mail address.
- The cost is $30 and that includes long sleeve thermal “Rogue Hand-Grenade” shirt
You can pay by cash or you can just authorize us to automatically debit your checking account that you have set up for your membership. If you already have a long sleeve shirt you can choose on of our other shirts.
- Register at Run Wild Racing( ). Cost to register for the race is $30.

Note: There will be NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION, so be sure to register early and before the event. No race day registration allowed in the Metro Parks.

Race Day!
On race day all of the Rogue Running Team will meet up at Rogue Fitness at 7:30 AM and we will convoy over to Sharon Woods to warm up. Rogue will have picked up all of the registration packets, number bibs and event t-shirts for the competitors earlier in the week. So all you have to do is show up and run your butts off then drink some hot chocolate, pretty simple.

Even if you’re not racing we want you to show up to cheer on your fellow Rogue athletes as they all try not to freeze their butts off as they run 4 miles through Sharon Woods park.

16 November 2008 – First Rogue Running Team workout at Rogue Fitness, Gahanna
12 December 2008 – Rogue picks up race packets at
Road Runner Sports – Columbus 535 Lakeview Plaza Drive – Worthington, Ohio 43085 (614) 896-2090
14 December 2008
7:00 AM – Meet at Rogue Fitness to convoy to Sharon Woods
7:30 AM – Depart Rogue Fitness
8:00 AM – Arrive at Sharon Woods.
8:15 AM – Pick up timing chips. Warm up for run.
9:00 AM – Rogue Runners hit the trail and the Rogue Athletes not running better be blowing their lungs out cheering or there will be burpees!
9:30 AM – 1st Rogue Runner crosses the finish line and receives their hot chocolate.
10:00 AM – All runners are in, high fives and “atta-boys” passed around.
10:01 AM – We all run to our cars so we don’t freeze to death and we head home, GOOD JOB!!

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Sometimes its like a carnival here at Rogue.

Remember the carnival scam, I mean game where you had to try to snag a plastic duck as it floated around a tub? Well that’s exactly what came to mind as the Rogue athletes lunge walked around the gym. Only thing missing was a greasy “Carny” and some cheap, oversized stuff animals.
Rest them hammies tonight you Rogue warriors ’cause you’er sure to feel them tomorrow :)

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Pulling Big Weight Safely.

At Rogue we’re all about big numbers especially when it comes to the dead lift. However if you can’t workout for 3 weeks after pulling a 400lbs dead lift then was it truly a successful lift? No way! Our goal is to teach our athletes how to lift as much weight as possible as safely as possible. There were some great lifts today especially from the women. Sherri J got a 30 pound personal record in the dead lift! Great job Sherri!

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From One Storm to Another!

After dealing with the remnants of hurricane Ike Sunday and Monday the Rogue Warriors finally came back to their home! Of course once they came through the doors they had to contend with a storm of a different sort. They met the challenge Rogue style of course!

To start your training pipeline to become a Rogue Athlete sign up for the Rogue Elements program by going to the Elements program page.

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MMA Tuesday!!!!

You may not get kicked in the face but you will definitely get your butt kicked!!! If you want to relieve some stress through a little aggression and get stronger at the same time then this is the class for you. Once MMA Tuesday starts you are moving non-stop. Whether its punching, kicking, throwing, running, pushing, you name it, you will probably be doing it in this class! This ain’t no Tae-Bo cardio crap!!! You will work hard, period!

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Why the Bear Crawl?

One of the great things about Rogue workouts is that they are constantly varied to the point of randomness. The high degree of variance keeps the workouts from becoming boring. But more importantly it continues to stress the body causing it to attempt to adapt to that stress. That attempt at adaptation is what makes us stronger. So stay tuned for some more randomness!!!

Rogue warriors! The Rogue running team runs the Abercrombie & Fitch Challenge this Saturday September 13th at 10AM. The race is being held at the A&F campus. Come on out and support your fellow warriors as they attempt meet or beat their goal times. Then afterwards we can all rally up at Rogue to celebrate with a “doozy” of a workout!!

See you all tomorrow!!!

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