Strict pull up challenge is about more than just pull ups.

The Strict pull up challenge awards consistency. Sure the person who does the most pull ups wins. However all of the pull ups have to be completed here at Rogue. So if you come to Rogue on a regular basis and knock out a few pull ups before and after the workout you can quickly build up a large tally. Knocking out 100 pull ups in one day is great. But if you only show up a couple of times a week its not going to help much. So get in here and start knocking them out.

Rules for the Strict Pullup Challenge:

1. All reps must be performed at a Rogue Location and can happen at any time
2. No kipping is allowed – All full extension to head over bar
3. 2 Divisions – No assistance and band assistance. Must indicate band type used
4. TShirts will be awarded to top male, top female for both divisions – Rogue Employees will not receive a tshirt but will be judged on how tough they are by Bill. Bill personally plans on winning so you better get to work.
5. 23Dec08 at 12PM will be the cutoff point
6. Tally all reps on Rogue whiteboard and keep a personal tally of your own


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