"Off the Chain" Heavy Bag

Most punches are landed when your opponent is on the ground. Why not train that way?

Most heavy bags are made to take a punch, but will fall apart when exposed to the rigors of a CrossFit Gym. The “Off the Chain” weight bag is a new option that can be used effectively – whether for combat or training strength, agility, or power. The 50 lb. bag is mobile, rigid, and durable enough to be slammed, carried, punched, jumped on, jumped over, and even thrown. It is built for the intensity of training so that you can prepare for the intensity of┬ácompetition. This bag is a great option for heavy bag runs and bag drags since you know it will stand up to the abuse. Working with a bag adds a new dimension to traditional CrossFit exercises like squats, clean and jerks, presses, deadlifts and even thrusters.

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