Merry Christmas from the Rogue Team!

From A&F Challenge 9/13/08

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Mine was pretty special, I am now engaged to Caity Matter.  So it is now official Bill Henniger and Caity Matter have taken that step!  Look for pics from the Grand Canyon, we are celebrating by going down and up the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  I have done this once before and swore I would never do it again but here we go.

Look for great things this year as we expedite new equipment made in the USA by Rogue.  We will be manufacturing Rogue Squat Stands, Pullup Systems, PlyoBoxes and Military Obstacle Courses.  This is just a small cross section of what we will offer.  We don’t take preorders for foreign made equipment, we build it test it then test it again, then test it more, then drop it off a building.  Then we offer it in our store!  Our success is based off of the ingenuity of our team, athletes and customers that give us ideas and feedback.  If you have any product ideas or anything you believe we should modify, shoot me an email:

We are offering our Christmas specials 7Jan08 so make sure and take advantage of them.  We will launch our new product line right around that time as well. 

Here is the link to the Christmas Specials


We are launching a few new sites over the next month so stay tuned to the Rogue Blog!

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