Gary Farmer’s Law of Physics

From US Army PT System

At Rogue our mission is to offer equipment made in the USA by Americans.  This is very important when you look at the current state of our economy.  Here is a short story:

When I worked at GM, a man named Gary Farmer worked on the shipping dock.  He was a good old boy that had a beard, always had some chew in and wore coveralls.  He liked to fish and tell stories and was very sharp.  I was a young guy trying to make it through the ranks as quickly as possible always trying to work the system.  I used to go back and talk to Gary every night because he was my lifeline for incoming parts.  A few years back the plant outsourced a few of the operations to a different company hence we had to truck parts out of the plant and then back to the plant.  Here were the issues:

1) Had to make more parts to keep the pipeline full

2) Lost the business at our plant hence our workers were unhappy

3) Lost control of the quality to an outside vendor when we had decades of experience making these parts

Well we could barely keep the pipeline full with the focus on budget and I worked second shift hence I got what the other shifts had set me up for.  So one night the assembly room was shut down waiting on parts from my department and I needed to get them from the outside vendor.  I begged and pleaded for Gary to break the normal lot size and get me some parts.  He very candidly explained, “If you don’t feed the horse it don’t sh**”.  I learned a valuable lesson that day, one of simplicity.  Our management team had driven the work to a complicated web of suppliers and made it near impossible to keep the supply lines full, not to mention the quality control problems.

Over the past decade, the CEO’s of large corporations have spent every waking moment trying to figure out how to outsource our manufacturing but the problem is that this cuts the supply line of funds from the workers.  It also follows Gary’s first law of physics: If you don’t feed the horse it don’t sh**

Here are some of the products made in the US:

1) Rogue Bar – This bar is machined and assemble in the USA

2) Dynamax Balls – These medicine balls are made of recycled materials in the USA, I had the opportunity to meet the team making them.  They were very proud of their work and the reputation of this med ball stands for itself.  We will be making these medicine balls in Columbus Ohio after the first of the year

3) Rogue Bumpers – These bumpers are made in Alabama by a guy named Chuck, they are made from recycled tires.

4) Rogue Rings – These are made by Ian Maclean in Columbus Ohio

5) Sorinex Products – These are some no-nonsense guys that strive to make bulletproof equipment in the US

I have had the opportunity to manufacture all of the above in other countries but have chosen to keep it in the US.  Our rings have a lifetime guarantee against breaking!

Don’t forget Gary’s Law!

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