What does made in USA mean?


From Rogue Factory Store

We pride ourselves on the fact that we push for all of our vendors to manufacture their equipment in the United States.  If you didn’t know this, here are a few examples:

1) Rogue Rings, Pullup Systems and all of Rogue Metal Fabrication: Made in Columbus, Ohio by Ian Maclean & Crew

2) Rogue & Pendlay Bars – All made in the United States

3) Rogue HiTemp Bumpers – All made in Alabama by a guy named Chuck and his crew

4) Sorinex Equipment - All made in the US by the Sorin crew, don’t believe me just ask them then run!

5) Dynamax Medicine Balls – Made in Texas by Jim & Rick Cawley.

This is just to name a few, look for new products built by Rogue here in the United States!  We are building new squat stands for the United States Marine Corps, look for them available to the public in the next couple weeks.  This is only a sneak peak at the products in the lineup.

We are building a PT course for the US Army at FT Campbell, just wait to see this Olive Drab badass piece!

Our business is run by Veterans of the United States Military and we are proud that we do our part to keep American industry in America.

Thanks to all of you who keep all of these companies churning!!

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