Consolidated Shipping!

How does Rogue save on shipping, here is quick example:

If you buy equipment from a drop-shipper they send the order out to different vendors for them to fill.  Lets say you ordered the Alpha Package that package includes a bar, bumpers, collars, rings, med balls, jump rope and an AbMat.  That would be 7 companies that need to ship your gear to you hence seven different opportunities to make a mistake. The shipping costs will be much higher because of 7 shipments which will vary from parcel to freight.  Anything over 150lbs will most likely be shipped freight.

We have worked very hard to work with our vendors and now have all of those items warehoused here.  We take all of that equipment and put it on one skid.  Here is a picture of the skid with just the bumpers:

From Rogue Factory Store

Here is the Alpha Package ready to ship!  Next week there will be some happy US Coast Guard bases.

From Rogue Factory Store

We have not sacrificed on the level of quality on our equipment and the level of quality in our shipping consolidation.  We continue to evolve and learn from our inefficiencies.  We are not without mistakes but we learn from them.  We pride ourselves on learning from our customers and listening to their suggestions.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions: or call us: 614.358.6190

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