Rogue Weightlifting Club's first workout was today.

The Rogue Weightlifting Club RWLC is open to all Rogue athletes. Participation will be the key to its success. RWLC workouts are focused solely on the Olympic lifts, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk with an emphasis on technique first and big weight second. We know that the big weights will come once the athletes have a firm grasp of the technique required to be successfull in weightlifting. Now don’t get us wrong, we will be lifting heavy. Saturdays will be max lift days where we will find our max in any one or more of the lifts we use in Weightlifting. And stay tuned for our first Personal Record (PR) event which will be a max day that will be run much like a Weightlifting competition. The friends, family of the lifters and fellow Rogue Athletes will be encouraged to attend. There will be food and drink afterwards and who knows, maybe even awards.

Check these out!

The Rogue “Hand Grenade” is pretty darn cool if we do say so ourselves. The t-shirts can be had for $20 and the long sleeve thermal $30. If you would like one or two we can put them on your gym account for you.

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