2000 meters AGAIN!?!?! Yes my friends…

…and that was just the “skill/strength” session! Many or our new members, straight out of the Elements program, got their first taste of the 2000 meter row time trial. And in true Rogue style they pulled the 2000 meters with everything they had well knowing that there was still a “WOD” waiting for them after they finished. Not many people have the intestinal fortitude (guts) to become a Rogue member. But the folks that do become part of the Rogue team truly know and understand that it takes hard work to reach your goals, fitness related or not.>

Check these out!

The Rogue “Hand Grenade” is pretty darn cool if we do say so ourselves. The t-shirts can be had for $20 and the long sleeve thermal $30. If you would like one or two we can put them on your gym account for you.

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