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No more "NC" for Shane!

A couple of weeks ago the Rogue athletes did a workout involving pull-ups using the CrossFit games standards, chest to the bar. If you weren’t able to do the pull-ups, chest to bar, they were still scored but you had “NC” written by your time. The “NC” means “no chest” or that you did the pull ups but you didn’t touch your chest to bar every rep. Apparently Shane got a “NC” beside his score. Shane didn’t agree with the “NC” charge. Well today Shane showed everybody at Rogue what he is truly capable of. Shane executed 22, strict dead hang pull-ups touching his chest to the bar on every single repetition!! Way to go!


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Good Luck Brendan!

One of our own, Brendan Devine is leaving us next week to pursue a career in medicine. Brendan will be attending Wright State University medical school. He has worked hard since he walked through the door and became a fire breather in a short period of time. From the entire crew here at Rogue, GOOD LUCK!

Brendan leading the entire crew tonight.

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Dennis returns to his home!

Dennis and crew came in from the Whitehall FD today. These guys and gals are the heart of our noon class!

We just found out that one of our star athletes Tonya is the descendant of the famous Sechler’s pickles, checkout the history here:

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Every once in awhile you have to sit back and think to yourself why you chase perfection in life. No one is ever perfect, but you can get as close to it as you want. If you work at something hard enough, and spend enough time doing it, you will get there. Here at Rogue, our athletes work every day at getting that perfect lift or a perfect workout. Wanting to perform the best that one can gives our athletes a reason to reach their goals. Today, it was all about the perfect clean, and at some point during each workout, they all got it!

Sam en route to the perfect clean.

You made me proud to be a trainer tonight Cody! 115lbs for the entire workout!!!!!!!

Derrick making the workout look easy.

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Don't Be Late!

The winner of today’s “Chuck Norris” workout got this tshirt printed at Hollywood Imprints by BJ and Davidee.

We had a busy class this morning however about 6 people were late to class! The following Rogue Rule will be enforced with much vigelance:

For Every One Minute Late – 10 Burpees

If you are late just ask yourself what Chuck would do, he would just start doing burpees!

We had a few visitors Lamarr, Zionna and Jerry. It is always great to have traveling CrossFitters stop in for a workout. Lamarr and Zionna are driving to Denver today – 22 hours oohhh Kansas. Look for a great affiliate in Orange county, two great people.

Oh yeah and it is 10 burpees for wearing these glasses and a superman shirt combo!
Doc Mendel the wildman

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We love visitors!

Lamarr and Zionna came all the way from New Jersey to see what Rogue is all about. Our athletes made sure they felt right at home and everyone pushed hard in the workout. We welcome anyone from anywhere here at Rogue. Come check us out if you are in town!

Lamarr and Zionna going through the power clean!

Whole crew at noon…great job today!

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Have you ever wanted something really bad? Our athlete Tanya Burlingame has wanted to hit 200 lbs with her deadlift for a long time. Today was the day! It is great for all the trainers here at Rogue to see our athletes achieve their goals and get so happy about it. Everyone wants to work as hard as they can to reach their goals. Great job to all our athletes, keep up the hard work!!

Tanya’s PR was so easy at 200lbs, she decided to smile for the camera!

Working together to get through the toughest challenge of the day.

Mark is getting strong fast!

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Father, Mother & Son

Heather Horn “The Mom” seen here knocking out knees to elbows.
Dan Horn “The Dad” knocking out some front squats in the strength session.
Codey Horn “The Young Spartan” knocking out 75lb strict presses, he did a total of 42 reps during the workout.

This family is dedicated and the results are insane, Codey has put on 17lbs over the past few months. Dan lost nearly 30lbs. Heather’s strength gains are off the charts and her form is second to none. This family wins the Rogue Family award, yes we just came up with that 5 minutes ago. Keep up the hard work and thanks for leading by example.

This proves that our program is scaleable to anyone that is interested in working hard. Our next free Elements class is on Monday at 11AM, 430PM & 730PM. Email Troy to get signed up:

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Taking pride in what you do.

All of our athletes take pride in what they are doing in the gym here at Rogue. It is nice knowing that walking into the gym everyday, our athletes love what they are doing and are not afraid to share it with their friends and family. With how hard everyone is working, they should be proud!

Awesome job Kelly, another PR. Keep up the great work!

Everyone tonight put in some serious work.

She has been doing everything with her left arm, and with this look on her face, even I am scared!

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We are seeing new numbers on the Goal board!

It is always nice to start the week off right here at Rogue. We had the majority of our athletes pressing more weight over their head than even they thought was possible. All the goals on the board in the gym are starting to fall, and we are all getting stronger! If you want to work with a bunch of people who are motivated, come check us out. Our Elements classes start every Monday. Email if you want to join the team!

Chest to bar on all 45 reps. Awesome job Tanya!

We call him Red Card, you can call him Aaron. Whatever name you choose, congratulate him on moving to Level II!

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