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New Rogue KG Bumpers

You may be one of the many who have found that if you can’t talk in kilograms, you can’t really be part of the Olympic Weightlifting world. In the past, this often meant that in order to avoid constantly doing conversions, you needed to buy extremely expensive kilogram plates.

That is no longer the case with the new KG Rogue Bumpers. They are the same high quality solid rubber bumpers with stainless steel inserts that you have come to expect from Rogue. However, the low price will surprise you. Shipping is even included.

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Rogue Grandfather Clock Grip System

The Grandfather Clock Grip System is one of the toughest tests of grip strength that we have come up with. Each grip is a cylinder that resembles the weights in a grandfather clock. It is an an even more difficult version of the towel pull-up since the grips will not give or allow you to dig your fingers in for additional leverage. Because of this, the Grandfather Clock grips are unmatched in their ability to improve grip strength for rope climbs. Their shape will also translate into improved grip strength for various odd object lifting.

Like our other grip systems, the straps and caribiners allow these to be attached to almost any implement you can think of to add difficulty to lifting movements or farmer’s walks. This serves a two purposes: 1. It allows you to build your grip strength across several movements. 2. If you do not have the grip strength to do pull-ups right away, it allows you to build that strength, by lifting progressively heavier objects.

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Rogue Grip Series is About to Grow

The next addition to the Grip World will pull you beyond your limits. This is coming soon to the store. Grip strength can be the most frustrating weakness for an athlete. Fortunately, this is where you will see the quickest gains. We’ve been testing this pinch grip killer in the Rogue HQ gym and it is tough! Practice pulls and weighted walks using kettlebells. When you master grip strength, it opens a door to personal records. Olympic lifting, powerlifting, strongman and gymnastics all benefit from a stronger grip. We have all of the tools that can help.

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Rogue Fitness Built a Gym for Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Extreme Makeover 1
Exreme Makeover 2

Rogue built an awesome gym for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The episode aired December 16th.  If you missed it, you can watch it online here.

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The All New Adipure Trainer

Here is the minimalist shoe you have been waiting for!

It is as close to barefoot as you can get while still protecting your feet from glass, rocks and other hazards.

It has become increasingly clear that overly supportive traditional running shoes cause more injuries than they prevent and lead to weak intrinsic foot muscles and an unnatural gait.

The Adipure Trainer strengthens your foot to strengthen your game with speed, agility and balance. Anatomically rounded outsole and individual toe stalls mimic your foot’s natural motion. Some of the features include:

2nd Skin upper with a sock-like fit.
Restriction-free movement from
your heel to your toes allows muscles to move more naturally and
strengthens your feet and legs.

OrthoLite Sockliner provides long-lasting cushion with an
antimicrobial protection and moisture management.

Adipure Tooling: The specially engineered midsole/outsole
construction enables superb responsive feeling of ground contact. This
natural way of training feels like working out barefoot, resulting in
increase of muscle activation and higher training efficiency.

Flexible NON MARKING rubber outsole for traction and durability
including flex grooves in the toes for increased flexibility.

Available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Any closer to a natural feel and you would be barefoot!

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The Westside Bench

Do you have some Powerlifting monsters at your gym? Are the benches you got at the local sporting goods store making you nervous when your client is lifting 450 pounds. You need this rack based on an OG design from Westside Barbell.

Safety is king with The Westside Bench but performance is a very strong second.

Safety: It features 11 Gauge 2×3″ construction with and 18″ bench height with a 12″ bench width. The removable rack/pin safeties can support over 1000 pounds, there is a laser cut Rogue brace for added stability. Even your bar will be safe, It has removable low profile J-cups with UHMW plastic inserts to protect the knurl.

Performance: It has 1″ hole spacing all the way up and down the rack allowing you to rack press in the smallest increments possible. It has 4 adjustable band pegs, to ensure that you are fully equipped to follow the Westside programming.

Check it out. You will not believe how affordable we made this outstanding quality, U.S.A. made rack, with such a strong pedigree.

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did you know that we can powde…

did you know that we can powder coat in dry erase?

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RT @RepiTGym: @directionpt agr…

RT @RepiTGym: @directionpt agreed! i just sold 210lbs (pair of 25s, 35s, 45s) of crappy plates to buy a pair of 45s from @RogueFitness

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Thanks! Click "live chat" on R…

Thanks! Click “live chat” on RT @CrossFitKemah: Just used @RogueFitness customer support online messenger. Pretty cool!

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The Monkey Rig – aka Killer Ca…

The Monkey Rig – aka Killer Cage –

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