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Rogue “Ohio” Lifting Straps

Your body has a feedback loop that will not allow you to deadlift a bar that your hands cannot grip, even if you are otherwise strong enough. Of course, you should work on your grip, but you do not want to limit your strength gains while your hands are catching up.

The Rogue “Ohio” Lifting Straps let you move heavy weight without worrying about your grip.  The material for these straps is made in New England and the strap is sewn in Ohio.  This is one nice high-quality American made strap designed for years of use and abuse!

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Rogue Pull-up Systems

Often it can be difficult to find a decent place to do pull-ups whether you workout in a home gym or own your own commercial facility. Most of the off the shelf products just do not place the bar far enough from the wall to kip properly and do movements like bar muscle-ups.

The Rogue P-3 and P-4 pullup systems offer an easy to install, but incredibly sturdy brackets that can be used to make anything from single pull-up bars in a garage to a wall-length pull-up bar in a gym.

Here is a video that shows how easy they are to install:

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A Double Under Training Progression with Rogue RX Jump Ropes

Double Unders are a technical skill very similar to the Olympic Snatch in that both skills require a good set up and proper posture followed by a sequence of movements that require certain muscles to remain engaged and explosive while other muscles are loose and relaxed.  The differences arise in that you can learn the Snatch through progression by first starting without a bar in hand practicing squats. Then progress to a PVC pipe, then an empty bar and ultimately a loaded bar. Jump ropes, until recently, offered no form of learning progression.  You had to grab a jump rope and jump right in so to speak.

The Rogue Rx Jump Rope was developed by a competitive CrossFitter with an extensive background coaching high-level gymnastics who realized that jump ropes did not offer a progression for learning or a standard for sizing.  The only jump ropes available went from the heavier, flexible cords straight to the lightest speed cable ropes.  This left a large void in the middle where most people needed an option.

The Rogue Rx Jump Rope offers 5 different cable options each yielding a different weight, feedback and turnover rate.  This allows you to find a cable weight that will suit your coordination level, tempo and timing thus improving your efficiency and learning progression.  By starting with the heavier cables in the beginner stages you will gain more rope awareness and learn proper timing which will allow you to progress to the lighter cables as you become more proficient. The custom sizing feature will help ensure that you are getting a rope that puts you in the most ideal posture to utilize proper mechanics and allow for the ideal tolerance of tension and slack at the bottom out point near the feet and overhead.

Find out which Rogue Rx rope is right for you.  With options to meet the needs of the beginner CrossFitter all the way to the competitive fire-breather, Rogue Rx jump ropes have what you need for every skill level and every work capacity.  You will ultimately arrive at the ideal weight and length that suits you best and becomes your “go to” rope when it’s time to throw down a double under work out. Or collect all 5 variations and have a jump rope arsenal to train at every level of turnover rate, tempo and resistance.  You’ll become a well-rounded, double under machine before you know it.

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New Adidas ADIPOWER Weightlifting Shoes

Just in time for the 2012 Olympics, and the CrossFit Games Open Competition, Adidas has released the latest version of the tried and proven Adistar weightlifting shoe under the new name, ADIPOWER Weightlifting. This latest model marks a  major redesign from the previous, more traditional shoe with a wood midsole and a standard leather heel. The plastic midsole and integral heel cup give much greater lateral stability in the bottom of the squat than their prior, already stellar, models. They have also improved the flexibility of the forefoot which not only allows for a more powerful jump, it makes the shoes perform better for non-lifting movements. The mostly hollow design of the new midsole also makes this one of the lightest weightlifting shoes available. All of this improved performance, comes with a bold new aesthetic design that is sure to make a statement.

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Dynamax Balls

There are reasons that the U.S.A. Made Dynamax Balls are the most commonly used medicine balls in the CrossFit community.

They were developed by Track and Field coach, Jim Cawley to help his athletes develop the 10 adaptations to physical training that he had eneumerated.

Cardiorespiratory Endurance
Speed Power

In order to accomplish this, he needed balls that could be caught by his athletes no matter how hard they were thrown. At the time, the medicine balls that were available were firm, which limited the movements that could be performed safely. He developed a 14 inch ball that had enough padding, even at 20 or 30 pounds, to be used safely for high velocity movements.

They are extremely durable. They will stand up to years of use in a busy commercial gym. The balls are also available in 2 pound increments from 4 to 20 pounds, as well as 5 pound increments up to 30 pounds, so people at every level of fitness can benefit from the vast array of exercises including: wall ball, overhead throws, glute ham developer wall ball, underhand throws, medicine ball king of the hill, bull in the ring, seated situps, partner throws, medicine ball clean and jerk and snatch.

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Rogue Proloc Collars

Rogue Proloc Collars are your indestructible solution for every bar in your gym. These made in the U.S.A. collars will fit your standard bars as well as any specialty bar in your gym. You will no longer have to have separate collars for Logs, farmer’s walk handles or other specialty bars. The Simple hand adjustment allows you to fit sleeve diameters from 1.937″ to 2.007″.

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Nike Romaleos 2

Nike has improved on the already outstanding Romaleos with the Romaleos 2 for 2012. Although the original Romaleos are probably one of the more stable weightlifting shoes out there and fantastic for Olympic lifting and Powerlifting, they are a little on the heavy side and are not as flexible in the forefoot as some of the other shoes which could hinder movements like double unders and box jumps. The improvements for 2012 include lightening the shoes by 50 grams and increasing the flexibility of the forefoot, which not only makes them better for non-weightlifting movements, it allows you to generate more force when jumping to create speed and elevation on the bar. What has not changed is the unique heel cup that gives amazing lateral stability in the bottom of a squat.

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Rogue Gun Rack

Are you short on floor space? The Rogue Gun Rack holds 6 bars on the wall and keeps your floors clear for working out. Theoretically this is a better way to store bars than in vertical rack, especially bars that are not used very often. With some brands of bars that are stored in a vertical rack, the lubricant can pool at one end of the sleeve. Therefore, for the first few lifts, there may be bearings or parts of bushings that are not as lubicated as others. In a horizontal rack this will never happen.

This rack will work well in cement walls, cinder block walls or anchored into studs in traditional construction. Even if you have studs that are an odd distance apart, this will work perfectly. The rungs are cut to fit the shaft or the sleeves.

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Rogue Cannon Ball Grip System

I have mentioned before that grip is quite often the limiting factor in performance. Whether it is limiting your 1 rep max deadlift, or killing your ability stay on the bar for the last 5 pull-ups, if your grip is weak, you are not performing at your maximum potential. The 3 inch powder coated cannon balls can be attcached to a pull up bar and used for pull-ups, attached to a bar for deadlifts, or attached to almost any other object you can think of to eliminate grip weakness as your achilles heal. Just think of how much more challenging kettlebell farmers walks can be when you are gripping the weight with 3 inch spheres.

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Rogue R-6 Power Rack

The Rogue R-6 Power Rack is a beast of a power rack an an all in one training solution for your home or comercial gym. In addition to Westside uprights, pull-up bars, band pegs, and pin/pipe safeties, it has more than enough storage for all of your weight. Of course, it is compatible with the whole array of infinity rack add ons like, Landmines and Matador dip bars.

It features the Westside hole pattern, 1 inch spacing through the bench/clean pull area, and 2 inch spacing everywhere else. Add a bench, and a bar and plate package and go to town.

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