A Double Under Training Progression with Rogue RX Jump Ropes

Double Unders are a technical skill very similar to the Olympic Snatch in that both skills require a good set up and proper posture followed by a sequence of movements that require certain muscles to remain engaged and explosive while other muscles are loose and relaxed.  The differences arise in that you can learn the Snatch through progression by first starting without a bar in hand practicing squats. Then progress to a pvc pipe, then an empty bar and ultimately a loaded bar. Jump ropes, until recently, offered no form of learning progression.  You had to grab a jump rope and jump right in so to speak.

The Rogue Rx Jump Rope was developed by a competitive CrossFitter with an extensive background coaching high level gymnastics who realized that jump ropes did not offer a progression for learning or a standard for sizing.  The only jump ropes available went from the heavier, flexible cords straight to the lightest speed cable ropes.  This left a large void in the middle where most people needed an option.

The Rogue Rx Jump Rope offers 5 different cable options each yielding a different weight, feedback and turnover rate.  This allows you to find a cable weight that will suit your coordination level, tempo and timing thus improving your efficiency and learning progression.  By starting with the heavier cables in the beginner stages you will gain more rope awareness and learn proper timing which will allow you to progress to the lighter cables as you become more proficient. The custom sizing feature will help ensure that you are getting a rope that puts you in the most ideal posture to utilize proper mechanics and allow for the ideal tolerance of tension and slack at the bottom out point near the feet and overhead.

Find out which Rogue Rx rope is right for you.  With options to meet the needs of the beginner CrossFitter all the way to the competitive fire-breather Rogue Rx jump ropes has what you need for every skill level and every work capacity.  You will ultimately arrive at the ideal weight and length that suits you best and becomes your “go to” rope when it’s time to throw down a double under work out. Or collect all 5 variations and have a jump rope arsenal to train at every level of turnover rate, tempo and resistance.  You’ll become a well-rounded, double under machine before you know it.

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