Rogue Operator Bar

The Rogue Operator Bar is an American made 20 KG multitasker.

-It has high-end bushings and snap ring construction for a reliable spin for Olympic Weightlifting without over spinning to the point where bench press feels unstable.
-It is made from 155K PSI tensile strength steel, so it is strong enough for the slow lifts as well as being able to withstand being dropped when Olympic lifting.
-It has both Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting knurl marks.
-It has the same understated knurl that has made Rogue Bars famous, deep enough for a firm grip on deadlifts without being sharp and tearing your hands up when using a hook grip.
-It’s 28.5 mm shaft diameter is right in the middle of a standard 28 mm Olympic Weightlifting Bar and a standard 29 mm Powerlifting bar.
-It will whip enough for Olympic lifting without being unwieldy for powerlifting.
-It has a protective zinc coating that protects better than chrome while providing a chalky feel that chrome cannot match.

Not only does it multitask well enough to be used by both Olympic Weightlifters and Powerlifters as well as CrossFitters, it’s zinc coating is olive drab on the shaft with black sleeves that will make a statement in your gym.

With a lifetime warranty against bending or the sleeves coming off, this will be the last bar you ever need to buy.

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