Fix Your Hands!

Almost everyone who does CrossFit will eventually tear their hands. When you grip barbells and pull up bars, you bunch up the skin on your hands, this combined with friction, causes the skin to respond in the only way it can, by making more skin. The problem comes during the next workout, when this thicker skin gets wet and begins to bunch up against the bar. Eventually this will lead to a tear.

Tearing your hands does not mean that you need to put your training on hold for a week while the skin heals. RIPT skin systems offers a 3 pronged approach designed to get you back out there as soon as possible as well as to prevent rips in the first place.

1. Quick Fix: Protects freshly damaged skin from the elements and acts as a moisture barrier. 

The main thing that prevents your skin from healing quickly is the fact that after a day or two, the area dries out and cracks, causing a new painful area of exposed flesh. The moisture barrier prevents the area from drying and allows the skin to heal in a few days, rather than a week and a half.

2. Daily Dose:  Hydrates calluses to keep skin pliable and prevent future tears.  

Hard calluses are a ticking time bomb that will tear on you at the most inopportune moment.

3. Grind Stone: Keeps Calluses thin yet tough. 

Over time, if you keep your calluses under control with the grind stone, you will have broad deep calluses that will not tear under any load, but will feel like normal skin to the touch.

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