Most Versatile Tool in the Shed?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions on the versatility of the Y-Series. The Rogue Yoke is one of the most versatile tools, inside or outside of your gym. Primarily for strongman training: the yoke carry, zercher carry, and the sled push are possible with either version. Fat-grip pull ups (3″ diameter) are an option for the 92″ and 110″ versions – (Y-2 or Y-3). The base is sturdy, so there is minimal sway for pull-ups or ring-based movements. The 3″ cross bar is good for throwing a set of gymnastics rings over for ring work. It is an asset for  a range of movements and lifts.

We posted this to answer general questions that we receive:

The benefit of the Rogue Yoke is versatility and not only as a strongman training implement. The included J-cups are there for racked squats and presses. The 92″ and 110″ uprights allow for our modular attachments.  If you have any further questions about the Y-Series, email us –

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