The Redesigned S-Series Squat Stands

Available in 4 versions with different heights, 72” (S-1) and (S-4), 92” (S-2) and 110” (S-3). The new S-Series Squat Stands are compatible with many of the attachments of the Infinity racks to provide everything you need for a world-class strength and conditioning program, while only taking up a 4×4 foot area of floor space.

The H-Base S-4 squat stand separates offer even more efficient floor usage as they can be stored against the wall when not in use. They are also probably the most rock solid independent stands available.

In addition to using any of the stands for squats, presses, bench presses, clean or snatch pulls, the S-2 and S-3 add the ability to use the stands for pull-ups and ring work including dips, pushups and muscle ups. The 92” S-2 places the pull-up bar high enough for most athletes, but the 110” S-3 will get the bar high enough for just about anyone.

The S-2 and S-3 come standard with a fat/skinny pull-up bar allowing you to choose either a 1.25” or 2” bar thickness. Possible additional configurations include adding a Dirty South pull-up bar to the S-2 or S-3 for 2 different pull-up heights, as well as adding spotter bars, wheels or feet to attach the rack to the ground for the S-1, S-2 or S-3. You can also add horizontal plate storage to the sides. With your S-2 or S-3 bolted into the ground or your platform or with enough weight on the side storage, you can use it for kipping pull-ups and with the addition of the Dirty South bar attachment to your ground anchored stand, it will even work for bar muscle ups.

All 4 stands use the same West Side Hole Pattern as the R-3 Rack and Infinity Racks: 1” spacing at bench press/clean pull zone and 2” spacing above and below. They also all come with the new Rogue low profile J-cups with UHMW plastic liners to protect the knurling on your bars.

Like everything Rogue makes, these are built like tanks. They are made in the U.S.A with 2×3” steel with laser cut holes and 5/8” bolts and fasteners. Any parts that had the potential of wearing out like threaded pins were avoided, so you will be able to pass this stuff down to your grandchildren.

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