Starting Strength – 3rd Edition

Starting Strength

The most important book in strength training has a new edition.

The second edition sold over 80,000 copies in a highly competitive sport and fitness publication market because it is just that good.

It is written in a way that is easy enough for a beginner to understand, but detailed enough that advanced lifters and coaches will gain new knowledge. Unlike most books on training, it does not put you to sleep. It holds your interest through the plain language, and often funny, explanations of what should be done and also why it should be done. If you are a coach, after reading this book you will be able to handle almost any form issue you might encounter with one of your athletes with simple cues as well as the knowledge to back up your recommendations. If you are an athlete, this book provides a wealth of information that you can use to improve your form as well as real programming that you can use to greatly improve your strength.

Now, after four more years of testing and adjustment with thousands of athletes in seminars all over the country, this third edition expands and improves on the previous teaching methods and biomechanical analysis. No other book on barbell training ever written provides the detailed instruction on every aspect of the basic barbell exercises found in Starting Strength, 3rd Edition.

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