Rogue Heavy Duty Multi Grip Bar MG-1

Add variety to your lifts to maximize strength gains!

The Rogue MG-1 Bar helps avoid accommodation and allows a lifter to set new records. This is a must-have bar to rotate through your maximum exertion (ME) or dynamic exertion (DE) waves. The only multi-grip bar with olympic sleeves, the MG-1 weighs bar weighs over 20LBS more than any other multi grip bar on the market. This bar is the tool of choice for power lifters and other athletes who need to train a neutral grip for increased explosive strength. The neutral grip is also easier on the shoulders. Whether power is your specialty or you specialize in general physical preparedness, the multi-grip bar is one of the quickest ways to bust plateaus with improved muscle recruitment.

Use the MG-1 for: bench press, floor press, lockouts, JM press, shoulder press. Add chains, bands or change your grip width and you have one very powerful weapon in your bar arsenal with a ton of uses.

All of your excuses for not getting stronger have just gone away!

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