Garage Gym Rogue Style

There is something extremely liberating about building your own garage gym. You are no longer limited by the rules and hours of the globo gym.

Unlike building a state of the art home theater, where you would have to watch hundreds of movies a year to have a chance of making it cheaper than going to a comercial movie theater, you can build a world class strength and conditioning facility in your garage for less than a husband and wife would pay for a year of gym membership. Then, of course, you never have to pay for a gym membership for the rest of your life.

Here are links to the products in the video:

Ring Hanger
Rogue Training Bumpers
Rogue Hi-Temp Bumpers
Vertical Plate Tree
Rogue Bar
Wood Rings
Games Box
Rogue Monster Bands
AB-2 Firm Abmat
Gym Mats
Dynamax Balls
SISU Warhammer

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