CrossFit Kid’s Gear

With so many CrossFit Kids programs out there, there is a need for equipment that younger CrossFitters can handle, we sell several products here that are a great addition to any kids program or to your garage gym so your kids can become athletic giants along with you.

Lighter bars are essential for teaching the lifts. We offer 5 KG (11 Pound) Aluminum and 10 KG (22 Pound) Steel bars that identical to a standard women’s Olympic Weightlifting bar between the collars. They have free spinning sleeves and can be used for both Olympic lifting and Powerlifting movements in a children’s program. If you add some 5 Pound or 2.5 KG Rogue Hi-Temp plates you have a full sized 21 Pound or 10 KG bar that is raised off of the ground and perfect for teaching the lifts or doing workouts.

A full sized, 14″, Dynamax ball can be a little awkward in the hands of a 4-year-old. Years ago, I called up Jim Cawley of Dynamax and asked him if he could make us several Hoover Balls for a 2nd grade CrossFit program that one of our instructors was teaching. They worked perfectly and several other programs have begun using them with their kids. The 10 inch size allows children to catch the ball comfortably while still providing enough padding to keep things safe.

The kids pull up bar that attaches to our infinity rigs and squat stands is discussed in greater depth here. The ability to have a bar with infinite height adjustability adds tremendously to your program.

Our Kids Wooden Rings have a 1.10″ diameter thickness with a proportionately scaled ring diameter. This allows for the perfect grip and positioning for smaller hands. The components used for the Rogue Kids Rings are manufactured and assembled to the same exacting standards as our adult rings.

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