ONLY AT ROGUE – 1/2 off Rogue Bar Shipping!

When your order is placed we begin packing it out, we are shipping all parcel orders within 24 hours for the items we stock. What do we stock, just about everything:

1) Rogue Bumpers – American Made heavy duty Bumper Plates

2) Rogue Exclusive Bars – Everything from 5KG Alumilite to 20KG Men’s Training Bars – We have them all in stock and have knocked the shipping down by 50%. All bars will ship within 24 hours

3) Rogue Rings – The only rings that are guaranteed for life against failure, you can pull your mom’s car out of the ditch with these. Our straps are stronger than any other on the market, guaranteed!

4) Rogue Pullup Systems – All Rogue Pullup Systems to include the P-3 through the USMC Pullup Rigs are all here and will ship out within 24 Hours

5) Sorinex BaseFit Units – We have them in stock and they will ship out within 24 Hours

Med Balls, Bands, Kettlebells, Collars, Climbing Ropes, Shoes and a whole bunch more!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FREE Shipping on all Kinds of Gear:

1) CrossFit Equipment Packages – The best gear all shipping together allows us to ship for Free!

2) Dynamax Medicine Balls – The best med ball on the market, ships for free and within 24 hours for standard colors

3) New HG Collars – Shipping For Free – The latest in Collar technology

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