New Rogue Pullup System Much more Flexible!

The rig above is fresh out of our fabrication facility, all new units will have Powder coat!

Here is look down the tubing used on the New Rogue Pullup System that will be available in 10 days!

Rogue Pullup System:

1) Adjustable width from 1″ -48″

2) 11 Gauge Steel – Most use 14 Gauge which is a tin can next to this bad boy

3) 14″ or 22″ Depth for Pullup Bar on this unit – If you need 36″ Depth, then you would need the current bracket system

4) 1.25″ Outer Diameter X 48″ Length  – Again made with 11 Gauge Steel

5) Can be mounted to wood studs, concrete walls or the bottom of a helicopter if you so desire

6) Like our 36″ Bracket and Parallettes these units can be strung together in a row with one continuous pipe!

7) Powder Coated with signature Rogue Matte Black textured coating

8)Oh yeah and they are made in the USA – that is right!!!!!

9) Introductory Price of $125/Set with 4′ Pullup Bar!!!

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