More New Equipment!!

All new ROGUE P-3 Pullup Rig, we have taken the best attributes from the big rigs and put them on a unit that can be installed anywhere from a battleship to your home gym:

1) 11 Gauge Steel Construction

2) Choose Length of CrossBar up to 52″ to accommodate¬† studs at 36-48″ on center

3) Ability to “Daisy Chain” Them together for miles with 1.25OD Steel tube.¬† This will allow gyms to string them together and save on floor space

4) Ability to adjust depth of cross bar from either¬† 14″ or 22″

If you need something bigger:

1) Rogue 30″ Pullup Bracket System – Unique bracket that cantilevers 30″ from the wall – Big Brother to the P-3

2) USMC Pullup Rigs – Built-in 12′ sections that can be extended for Miles

Another Break Through in Rogue Technology – The all-new ROGUE HG Collar:

1) New Cross-Lock Lever keeps these things tighter than Chinese finger cuffs

2) These are designed for Olympic Weightlifting and High Rep Workouts

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