Rogue Bumpers ZERO FAILURES – Tested in the Field

At Rogue we are staffed with an Industrial Engineer and a Mechanical Engineer so understanding how our equipment is made is critical. That being said we could tell you all kind of factors concerning your bumpers like modulus of elasticity and sheer strength but would you understand what that means? How about if we told you that neither Rogue Fitness or HiTemp has replaced a single bumper due to failure.

The zero above is the amount of Rogue HiTemp bumpers that have been replaced due to failure! The HiTemp factory has not replaced a single bumper in over one year due to failure.

This is out of hundreds of thousands of pounds that are out there getting used daily. Rogue HiTemps are unlike the Chinese made bumpers, they are made with recycled rubber and bonding compounds. This is why we believe that the best way to test bumper plates is through destructive testing and/or repeated use. With the number above it is easy to see how they hold up!

We just received a new Rogue Bumper similar to the MHTY bumpers that are produced in China. Now we will see if they can meet the same standard!

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