ROGUE 24 Hour Shipping!

At Rogue Fitness the standard is 24 Hour Shipping, we carry 98% of what you see in our store. Normally everything under 400LBS will ship within 24 Hours/1 Business Day and everything over that will ship via freight within 48 Hours. Here are a few items we stock at the Rogue Factory Store:

1) All Rogue Exclusive Weightlifting Bars

2) Rogue HiTemp & Rogue HG Bumpers

3) Dynamax and D-Ball Medicine Balls

4) Ader Kettlebells from 8LB to 124LB

5) Rogue 4X6 Floor Mats

6) Rogue Equipment – SPX System, Rings, Portable Pullup Bar, Parallettes, Pullup Rigs and much more!!!

7) Sorinex BaseFit & GHD’s are in stock!!

8 ) Rogue Weightlifting Shoes

That also means that if you are in the area and you want to put your hands on the equipment prior to purchase you can. We don’t have a fancy retail front, just a warehouse hence our ability to bring you factory direct prices!!

This also allows us to consolidate your order and save huge on shipping costs!!

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