The CrossFit Games are upon us!

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The CrossFit Games are here and it looks like it will be a test of will. Caity Matter and Jason Khalipa will both represent Rogue Fitness at Rogue Athletes this year.

We are the Official CrossFit Games Equipment Supplier, here is the equipment you will see:

1) Sorinex GHD – The meanest GHD on the market – the hip pad weighs 26lbs alone

2) Men’s 28.5MM Training Bars – These bars have seen abuse since last summer and keep on going

3) Rogue Rings with MARPAT Straps – Look for the best rings with the coolest straps

4) Rogue Wood Plyoboxes – You may have seen the wood plyoboxes that we burnt ROGUE onto

This and a whole lot more are at the Aromas location. We build it in the US and just looking at it you will know where it came from.

We are Rogue Fitness!!

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