Rogue Sponsored Athlete – Jason Khalipa

From CrossFit Games 2009

Jason put some work in this past weekend, came back from a 72/75 position in the run from hell to 5th overall. Read more about his journey here: Khalipa – CrossFit Journal Article

1) Sorinex GHD – The Sorinex GHD was used in the GHD situp and HSPU workout at the 2009 CrossFit Games

2) Rogue Exclusive Bars – Get the classic black zinc and chrome collar bars that are made in the USA

3) Rogue Rings with MARPAT Straps – The rings were used in the final affiliate cup and individual competition.  There is no comparison!

4) Rogue Wood Plyoboxes – You can see the burnt Rogue wood plyoboxes all over the place at the Games site

5) Dynamax Medicine Balls – These med balls were used in the wall ball comps, we offer free shipping!!

6) Equipment Packages – We offer the best equipment packages on the market and we ship them directly from our factory store

We also supplied the Kraiburg Bumper Plates, dumbbells, metal plates, spring collars and much more!!

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