Sneak Peak at the Rogue Reverse Hyper for West Side Barbell!

From West Side Barbell

We just finished the build of the first ever Rogue Reverse Hyper which is a patented design by Louie Simmons. This is the signature piece of equipment that Louie designed for West Side Barbell.

Expect to see this piece of equipment in a gym near you very soon. This was built with the budget in mind but as usual it will carry the Rogue name hence it will last to serious beatings. This unit is made in the USA by Rogue Fitness any other way would be a crime against the weightlifting community.

Louie has had a B&R bar at his gym for a few months now with the full intention of bending it. It is still very much straight and that is with some deadly rack jerks and bench press movements on it.

Here are some general updates:

1) The Rogue Bumper Sets are ready to ship, our bumpers are made in the US by a guy named Chuck!

2) We tripled our manufacturing capacity on the Rogue Rings ! They are in stock and will ship within 24 hours!

4) The Rogue Do Win’s are in stock finally but Do Win decided to leave out the 8.5 – 9 Sizes. We have an expedited order for those!

5) The Legend Econ GHD’s are in stock and ship within 24 hours!

6) The Sorinex GHD and BaseFit units are in stock!

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